Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Anyone Can Give Up, It's The Easiest Thing In The World To Do.
But To Hold It Together When Everyone Else Would Understand
If You Fell Apart, That's True Strength. These Two Guys
Have Inspired Me To Be The Athlete / Coach I Am Today. Always
Pushing Me To Do What I Thought Was Impossible. Things Change
As We Travel Through Our Journey In Life, But It Starts
And Ends With Family. CrossFit Point Break
-I Am Legend


  1. I'm really going to miss you brotha!! It has been a pleasure coaching and training with you!! I know you will do great things ..shit you learned from the best son..lol!! Just remember, no matter what they tell you..it all can be done!!Now, Go Get You Some!!

  2. Means A Lot My Friend... And Best Believe I'm Bout To "Get Me Some"!!! Watch Out 2011