Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Do You Hold Yourself Responsible For Your Actions?
When You Start Taking Responsibility For Your
Own Actions You Start To See A Change In How You
Process Information. You Find Out What Works
Best For You And What Does Not Work At All. You
Have The Power To Succeed When You Start Focusing
On What You Can Do To Make Your Life Work For
You. It Is Your Responsibility To Take The Reigns
And Make It Work Out. In Order To Be Responsible
You Have To Keep A Positive Attitude In All That You
Do. Even In Those Situations Where You Feel Nothing
Has Come From It. Always Find The Good In What
You Do No Matter What. So What, It Didn't Work The
First Or Tenth Time Around. It's Okay. You Just
Found Ten Ways Not To Do Something. Continue On
The Path Of What Will Work And Be Positive About.
You Know What Is Best For You, And Nobody Else
Will. Don't Dwell On The Negatives That You Have
Encountered As You Will Only Be Wasting Time
Trying To Figure Out Why This Happened. You
Don't Have Time For That. You Have To Keep
Moving Forward. The Less Time You Spend Trying
To Play The Blame Game And Wondering What
Should Of, Could Of, Or Would Of Happened
The Next Big Thing Will Have Already Passed You
By. Don't Let That Happen. Always Keep A Positive
Mindset Ahead Of You At All Times. Do Not Chase
The Past, When All We Have Is Our Future To
Look Forward To.
Establish A 1RM Floor Press
18 Minute AMRAP:
5x Power Clean
10x T2B

Monday, December 16, 2013


Anger Is A Normal Emotional Response That We Use
To Protect Ourselves Against Perceived Threats. Most
People Feel Angry For One Reason Or Another On A
Regular Basis, And Often That Anger Is Justified.
If You Get Treated Poorly, You Have Every Right To
Be Mad. When You Are Able To Experience Anger
And Then Move On, You Have Nothing To Worry
About. When Your Anger Tends To Take Over Your
Emotions And Controls Your Actions, You Probably
Have A Problem. Think About Your Lifestyle. If You
Build Your Life And Your Existence Around Your
Anger And The Things That Make You Mad, You
Are Setting Yourself Up For Failure. You'll Have
A Much Better Chance At Controlling Your Anger
If You Create A Life That Is Contrary To The
Negative Emotions Of Displaced Anger. Make
Your Surroundings And Your Attitude So Serene
And Peaceful That It Would Be Impossible For
Anger To Fit In. When You Are Able To Achieve
Peace & Relaxation Outside Of Yourself, Such
As In Your Home Or Your Work, You Will Be
Able To Create An Inner Peace As Well. Teach
Yourself What It Means To Capture A Surging
Emotion Then Re-Direct It Somewhere Else. You
Will Find This To Be A Very Powerful Tool In
How To Control Anger. Instead Of Acting On
How You Feel, You Will Be Able To Deal With It
Internally. You're Going To Have Temporary
Setbacks, But If You Can Recognize Them As
Setbacks And Evaluate What Went Wrong And
What You Can Do Better Next Time, Those
Disappointments Can Still Be Learning Experiences.
Sumo Deadlift 9x3
KB Swing

Thursday, December 12, 2013


One Of The Biggest Qualities Of A Great Leader Is Being
Able To Establish A Generation Of Change. Strong Leaders
Do Not Have To Put People Down, Because Their Focus Is
On Lifting People Up To Continue In Patterns Of Greatness.
Do Not Give Each Other Words Of Destruction, Or
Words That Will Only Cause Us To Tear Each Other Down.
We Have To Give Out Words That Will Build People
Up, Words Of Encouragement, And Words Of Hope.
Our Words To Each Other Should Be Like Building
Blocks, Or Like Christmas Gifts That We Hastily Desire
To Unwrap. Of Course There Will Always Be Those
Who Refuse To Be Uplifting, And Who Choose
To Argue And Fight, Instead Of Helping Each
Other Build, But We Have To Learn To Disassociate
Ourselves From These Weak Minded People. Be Strong,
Help Lift Each Other Up By Choosing Your Words
Carefully, And Carefully Choosing Words That Encourage.
Power Snatch 10x2
Double Under / Abmat Sit Ups

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


You Want To Be Successful. We All Want To Be
Successful, But Before You Can Achieve Success, You
Need To Have A Clear Idea Of What Success Is.
What Does It Look Like To You? If You Ask Some
People What Success Is They Will Give You Really
Vague Answers Like: "Well I Just Want To Be Happy."
Ok, Your Dog Wants To Be Happy Too. As Long
As You Scratch His Belly, Give Him Food To Eat,
Some Where Warm To Sleep, And Maybe A Yard
To Play In, Then He's Happy. Is That What Success
Looks Like To You? Or, Do You Want A Little More
Than A Belly Rub, Food, And Warm Bed To Sleep In?
Don't Get Me Wrong, Those Things Are All Important,
But Maybe, Just Maybe Success Is Having A Bit More
Than That. Everyone Will Have A Different Answer
Once They Are Pressed For More Details.
Some People Dream Of A Cabin In The Woods, For
Other's It's Performing On The Stage Of A Sold
Out Stadium, Other's Say They Want To Make
A Difference In People's Lives, And Other's
Might Say They Want Enough Money To Do
What They Want When They Want To Do It.
Knowing What You Want Is A Good Start To
A Perfect Life. For Me, Personally, I Want To
Be Fit, Healthy & Strong. I Want A Wife And
Family That Loves And Respects Me
(And Of Course I Love & Respect Them In Return).
I Want To Help People (As Many People As I Can)
To Achieve Their Dreams (Not Just Financial,
But In All Aspects Of Life). I Want To Have
Enough Money That I Can Do What I Want
(Travel, Nice House, Etc). If You Don't Have A
Clear Idea Of What You Want, Then It's Unlikely
You'll Get What You Want. Now This Is Only
A Quick Overview On How To Change Your
Life. The First Step Though Is To Have A Good
Idea Of What You Want In Your Life, And
What Success Looks Like To You. Success Is
Not Just For The Super Talented, Really Good
Looking, Or Extremely Lucky Among Us. It
Can Be Achieved By Anyone, If They Are
Willing To Try. Don't Be Afraid #BELIEVE
Push Press
Establish 2RM
12 Minute Clock
Mile Run
With Remainder Of Time Max H.R. Push Ups

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


You Are Unique; There Is No One Else Anywhere That
Is Exactly Like You. You Are A Treasured, Priceless Jewel.
There Is No One Else That Can Or Will Walk The Way You
Walk, Speak The Way You Speak, Love The Way You Love.
Only You Can Share The Message You Came Here To
Share Exactly The Way You Came Here To Share It.
Your Thoughts Are Unique. Your Emotions Are Unique.
Your Message Are Unique. You Are Unique. Your
Energy, Your Inner Vibration Is What Sets You Apart
From Every Other Human. It Is That Simple And That
Complex All In The Same Moment. Once You Accept
Who You Are And The Message You Have To Share,
You Will Experience A Sense Of Freedom And
Confidence To Shine Brightly. Empowerment Is
Believing, Behaving, Speaking, And Living From A
Sense Of Confidence, Freedom, Determination, And
Commitment, That No Matter What, You Will Do
What's Necessary Or Required Of You To Share
Your Unique Message In A Way That Is Authentic,
Humble, And Filled With Compassion, Integrity, And
Truth. Each Stepping Stone That Is Below Your Feet
And Now In Front Of You, Raises Your Inner
Vibration, Creating A Strong, Solid Foundation For
Your Life Both Personally & Professionally.
Establish 2rm Close Grip Bench
600m Run
15x KB Swings
15x H.R. Push Ups
300m Run
30x KB Swings
30x H.R. Push Ups
150m Run
45x KB Swings
45x H.R. Push Ups
100x Abmat Sit Ups

Monday, December 2, 2013


The Law of Attraction Teaches Us That Like Attracts
Like, And We Will Never Experience A Happy Ending
At The End Of An Unhappy Journey. By Holding Onto
Anger & Resentment, We Are Pre-Paving Our Journey
To Be Filled With Anger. The Way We Feel And The
Emotions We Hold Are What Create Our Future
Experiences. Whenever We Feel Negative Emotions,
Or Feelings Instead Of Holding Onto Them, We Can
Acknowledge Them And Then Turn Our Attention
Towards What We Do Want. Only Out Of Experiencing
Contrast (Between Having Good & Bad Experiences),
Can We Truly Know What We Really Want. When We
Ultimately Move To A Place Of "Positive Feelings",
We Attract More & More Positive Things, And This
Propels Us Into A Space Where We Can Attract The
Life Of Our Dreams. Family Members, Spouses,
Friends, Bosses, Girlfriends, Boyfriends - Everyone
Is Brought Into Our Lives To Teach Us More
About Ourselves. Thanking Them For Being
A Part Of Our Journey, And Teaching Us
Lessons We No Longer Need To Learn Is An
Incredible Step In Expanding Our Consciousness.
Adjusting Your Perspective To A Place Of Gratitude
Allows You To No Longer Play The Victim Card.
You Were Not A Victim Of Anything Other Than
Your Own Vibration And Level Of Attraction.
Have Compassion For Where Other People Are
In Their Lives. It May Not Be Where You Are
But They Are Doing The Best They Can At
Their Particular Level Of Awareness And
Understanding. Our Life And What We Attract
Into It Are A Mere Reflection Of What Is
Inside Us. Our Thoughts & Actions Create Our
Exterior World. So Ultimately, We Should Be
Forgiving Ourselves. We Brought This Person Into
Our Lives In The First Place. Inner Forgiveness
Will Not Only Ease The Relationship With The
Other Person, But Also Within Ourselves. We Are
All Human, And Have Done "Unthinkable" Things.
And, Yet Deep Down We All Yearn For The Same
Forgiveness. Once You Truly Learn The Lesson
Behind Why This Person Came Into Your Life, You
Will Then No Longer Attract Situations That Attempt
To Teach You The Same Lesson. We Should Never
Expect Anything From Anyone. When We Do This
We Give Up Our Own Power. Not Everyone Is 
Meant To Be In Our Lives Forever. Sometimes They
Are Only There Long Enough To Teach Us The
Lessons We Need To Learn. Letting Go Creates
Space To Let Others In. #Forgiveness
Sumo Deadlift
3x20 (Warm Up 10-10)
Every Minute On Minute
3x Power Cleans
5x Burpee

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Feasting, Football Games, And Of Course, Black Friday
Sales Often Bury The True Meaning Of Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving Causes You To Regain An Enthusiasm
For Life. If You're Anything Like Me It's Easy To
Get Grumpy, And Complain About The Way Things
Are, Or How Some People Treat You. Here's The
Problem: When You Constantly You Live With Less
Than Others, And That Nothing Ever Works Right For
You, You Blind Your Eyes To All The Blessings You
Really Do Have. Here Is A Suggestion That Will Bring
You Out Of Your Gloom And Return Some Enthusiasm
In Your Life: Give Thanks For The Small Things.
Be Thankful You Have A Pillow To Sleep On. I
Wonder How Many People In The World Go To Bed
Every Night And Don't Have A Pillow To Sleep On,
But You Do! Find Someone To Thank This
Thanksgiving, And Most Important, Take Time To
Thank God For All The Blessings He Has
Graciously Bestowed Up On You.
Happy Thanksgiving 2013
"Filthy Fifty"
50x Box Jump
50x Jumping Pull Ups
50x KB Swings
50x Walking Lunges
50x K2E
50x Push Press
50x Supermans
50x Wall Balls
50x Burpee

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Every Once In A While You Meet Someone Who Is
Harboring An Incredible Amount Of Bitter Energy. Their
Face Usually Wrinkles Pre Maturely, And Kind Words
Are Few & Far Between. The Bruises That Bitterness
Leaves Behind Can Become So Nasty That It May Seem
Next To Impossible To Heal Them. You See, Bitterness
Sucks The Life Right Out Of You - Not The Person You
Are Actually Bitter With. People Become Bitter For Many
Reasons - Usually Because They Feel Someone Has Wronged
Them. What Can A Bruised Ego Or Ill Feelings Do To You?
It Can Discourage You From Appropriate Behavior, It Can
Lead To Unnecessary Conflicts, And It Can Deplete You
Of Energy & Emotion. Worse Case Scenario, It Can Rob
You Of Relationships And Moving Forward In Your Life.
There Is A Vicious Cycle When It Comes To This Topic.
If Asked The Question: "Have You Ever Been Bitter?"
I Would Be Guilty Of Raising My Hands, Answering Yes.
Bitterness, Resentment, And Anger Do Not Equal A Good
Time, Let Alone A Good Life. Forgiveness Is What We Need.
Not To Say What Happened Was Acceptable, But That
You Forgive The Other Person, Allowing Yourself To
Release The Hold That Your Painful Feelings Have
On You. Bruises Eventually Heal, But It Takes Action
And Time To Heal From Bitterness Which Has Settled
In Your Heart. Just As We Are Thankful When Times
Seem Next To Perfect, We Also Need To Be Thankful
When Times Seem Cruel & Bitter.
Establish 3rm Bench Press
12 Minute AMRAP
10x Single Arm DB Snatch *Each Arm
20x Ball Slams
250m Row

Monday, November 25, 2013


It's Interesting How Time Works. One Minute You're Up,
Next Minute You're Down. One Minute You're Sad, Next
Minute You're Mad, And A Few Minutes Later You're Ok
Again. What Happens With The Passing Of Time? Do We
Process Specific Things For Our Own Good, And Forget The
Rest, Or Do We Simply Just Accept What Is, And Move On?
I Recently Read In A Book "A Million Miles In A Thousand Years"
Written By Donald Miller, That A Person Forgets More Than
50% Of Their Life. How Can Someone Forget More Than
Half Of Their Life? I Believe Forgetting Is Not Only Natural,
But Very Important During Our Growth Of Becoming
Better Individuals. Someone Once Told Me I Was Weak
For Saying I Was Willing To Do Anything In Order To
Prevent Something. I Believe Weakness Is Shown In Many
Forms, But Caring Definitely Isn't One Of Them. All I
Could Think About Was How Could Someone Say That,
But Before I Was Able To Put Too Much Thought Into It,
Time Stepped In, And Took Control. Time Doesn't Slow Down,
Speed Up, Or Stop For Anyone. Time Is Simply Time. We
Have To Remember That All We Can Do Is Surrender To
The Now, Forget What Was, And Have Faith Of What's To Come.
Front Squat
50x Hang Clean & Press
*Each Time Bar Is Dropped 5x Burpees*

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


We Are About To Celebrate A Holiday That's All About Giving
 Thanks For What We Have (Including Turkey & Football).
But If We Think About Gratitude Only Once A Year, We
Overlook The Immense Power Of Practicing It Daily. If You
Aren't Already A Believer In The Thank You Community, Just
Think About What It Can Mean In Your Day To Day Lives
If You Embrace The Power Of Gratitude. Knowing That
Gratitude Comes With So Many Benefits, Why Do We
Struggle To Express It? I Think We Often Assume We Do
More Than We Do, Or We Tell Ourselves That It's Not
Worth The Effort. I Will Tell You From Personal
Experiences That It Is ALWAYS Worth The Effort To
Express Gratitude To Those In Whom You Are
Thankful For. We Cannot Predict What Tomorrow
Brings, But We Can Show Our Gratitude For What
We Have Today. Take A Few Minutes After Reading
This Whether It Be A Phone Call, Text Message, Email,
Or Maybe Within Yourself, And Show Gratitude To
What Or Who Is In Your Life Today That You Are
Thankful For.
Hang Power Snatch
Establish A 1rm
12 Minute Running Clock:
Every Minute On The Minute
10x KB Swings
10x Box Jumps

Monday, November 18, 2013


Change Is Perpetual. We Often Have To Make Big Changes In Order
To Cope With Unwanted Circumstances That Continually Present
Themselves. This Is An Ongoing Lifelong Condition. There Is No
Way Out Or Around It. When Major Losses (Even Minor Ones)
Occur The Key To Dealing With Them Is Eventually To Accept
What Cannot Be Reversed And Begin The Task Of Adapting.
Not To Say What Was Can't Be What Is Again, But We 
Constantly Have To Adapt In Our Daily Lives. 
Since Grief Comes To Us In So Many Ways Throughout Life,
Loss Of A Home, Friend, Job, Cherished Possession, A Loved One,
And On And On, Let's Not Waste The Opportunity To Look For
Something In Loss To Help Us Grow. We Can't Sidestep Grief, 
But We Can Learn From It. All It Takes Is 100% 
Determination To Examine Ways To Adapt And Cope With
Unwanted Circumstances As Well As Normalize What 
Appears At First To Hold Little Meaning. This Takes 
Commitment But Is Well Worth The Effort As We Face The
Changes Yet To Come. 

Back Squat 
9x3 (10-8-5-3)

15 Minute AMRAP
15x KB Squat Cleans
100m Run
5x Hand Release Burpee


Monday, July 15, 2013


Oftentimes The Road You Are Taking Feels All Uphill.
In Fact, It Feels Like A Battle You Cannot Win. You Are
Exhausted, Confused, And Want To Be Left Alone.
Is It Time To Rest? Is It Time To Reflect? Is It Time To
Analyze? Is It Time To Talk It Out? Or Is It Time To Quit?
In A Perfect World You Would Have All The Answers, But
Then, Where Is The Challenge? The Good News Is That All
Of These Feelings Are Perfectly Normal Because After All,
You Are Human. If You Felt Completely Satisfied All The Time,
There Would Be No Contrast To Your Life, Therefore, There
Will Be No Appreciation; And Without Appreciation, You
Would Be Existing, Not Living; And You Are Here To Live
A Life Well-Lived. Learn To Trust Your Instincts And
By All Means, Follow Your Intuition. It Is Your Best
Friend Because It Knows You Like No Other. No Matter
What Happened To You Up To This Point In Your Life It
Does Not Have To Dictate What Your Future Holds. Be The
Best You. Live The Best Life. Be Better Than Yesterday.
Every 30 Seconds 2x Deadlift @ 55% Of 1RM
10 Minute Running Clock
4 Rounds:
10x Front Squats
400m Run

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Living With Intention Is All About Choice. It's About Embracing
That We Are The Supreme Authorities Over Our Lives And
All Our Experiences. It's A Tall Order, So Be Gentle On
Yourself As You Mull This Idea Over In Your Mind. Not Many
Of Us Are Willing To Embrace The Concept That All We Have
Right Now Has Been A Product Of All The Thoughts We Have
Had Over Our Lifetime. Life Is Not About Blame. Life's Not About
Finding Fault In Your Past Behaviors Or In The Behaviors Of
Others. Life Is About Living Every Experience You Want To
Live And Doing So In Any Way In Which You Choose To Live It.
Do Not Waste Your Time On Explaining Too Much. There Will
Always Be Those Who May Never Understand Why You Choose
The Things You Do, And With That, Never Explain Yourself
To Those Who Are Committed To Misunderstand You.
Bench Press 6x6
3x20 Ring Dip
3x20 Bent Over Barbell Row
*Super Set The 3x20 Sets
Hang Power Clean 115/75

Monday, April 22, 2013


Words Of Encouragement Can Be Hard To Come By For
Some People, Let Alone Letters Of Encouragement, And Yet
We Live In A World We Could All Use A Little Extra
Hope. If You've Never Written A Letter For The Sole
Purpose Of Inspiring Confidence In Someone Else, Give It
A Try. Write For Someone You Know. Write For Someone
You Don't. Get In The Habit Of Telling Others How Much
They Mean And How Loved They Are, And Tell Yourself
At The Same Time. Build Confidence In Others And You
Will Build Confidence In Yourself. It's Amazing How That
Works!! The Physical Act Of Writing Punces The Words,
Ideas, And Sentiments Into Our Own Long-Term Memory
And Causes Us To Focus Our Attention On Those Words,
Ideas, And Sentiments. Write Creatively And Deliberately,
And Be Vulnerable. Carefully Consider Your Collection
Of Words, Thoughts, And Ideas And Share Them In
A Way That Reveals Your Spirit. Write A Letter You
Would Want To Recieve, You Would Delight In, And
A Letter You Would Save For Reading Over & Over
Again. Write A Letter Designed To Inspire. A Hand
Written Letter In This Digital Age Is Rare. Start Writing
More & Watch How Your Life Changes!!
Bulgarian Split Squats
4x8 (8 Each Leg)
4 Rounds:
5x Front Squats 185/125 *Barbell Starts On Ground
10x Pull Ups
300m Run

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I Have Often Found Out That People Define You By How
They Met You. If They Met You As A Clerk, In Their
Minds You Will Always Be A Clerk. Although You Could
Be So Much More. So Without Knowing Its So Easy To
Pick Up How People Define You And Take That As Your
Identity. This Sometimes Starts In Our Formative Years,
How Are Parents, Siblings, Friends, And School Teachers
Define Us. However, It's Up To Us To Decide How We
Ought To Be Defined And Most Importantly How
We Define Ourselves. Sometimes It's Not What People
Call You, But What You Answer To. Once You Make
That Decision To Align Your Life With The Core
And Essence Of Who You Really Are On The Inside,
Life Takes A Different Meaning. A Purpose Driven Life
Is No Longer Just Talk But A Way Of Life. We See
This In Champions Of All Fields, Athlete's Don't Do
Things For The Sake Of Doing. They Don't Just Eat
Anything, They Choose Their Food With Purpose In
Mind. They Purposely Decide Their Diet, Because They
Know The Path Of Being A Champion Doesn't
Accommodate A Careless Diet. They Exercise Regularly
To Keep Themselves Fit, To The Ordinary Person
This Type Of Discipline Can Be Daunting, But To The
Champion That Has Made His Or Her Mind Up, This
Is No Longer Hard It's A Way Of Life.
Suspended KB Bench Press
Single Arm KB Bent Over Row
Tabata This:
25m Shuttle Sprint
Hand Release Push Ups
Pull Ups

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Remember To Never Forget How Beautiful Life Is.
Everyone Deserves A Chance, Everyone Deserves An
Opportunity, Everyone Is Important.
Establish 1RM
Behind The Neck Split Jerk
*10 Is Always With Barbell Only
500m Row
Rest 3 Minutes
500m Row
Rest 5 Minutes
7 Minutes Max Reps:

Thursday, February 7, 2013


As People, We Sometimes Have Funny Concepts About
Growing Old. We Don't Want To Become Old, But Neither
Do We Want To Die Young.
"Nobody Grows Old By Merely Living A Number Of Years.
People Grow Old By Deserting Their Ideals.
Years May Wrinkle The Skin, But Losing The Interest In
Life And Living Wrinkles The Soul.
Worry, Doubt, Self-Distrust, Fear, And Dispair - These
Are All The Long, Long Years That Bow The Head
And Turn The Growing Spirit Back To Dust."
As We Grow Older, We Need To Consider That HOW
WE GROW OLD Is Far More Important Than
HOW OLD WE GROW. Enjoy Your Journey
200m Farmer Carry *Barbell
5 Sets Of Increasing Loads
4 Rounds of 5 Min AMRAP
*2 Min Rest Between Rounds
3x Hang Power Cleans 135/95
6x Shoulder 2 Over Head
9x Box Jumps 30/24

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


How Often In The Past Several Days Have You Tried To Push
Or Control The Wind (Your Life Circumstances)? I'll Bet If You
Stopped To Think About It For A Minute You Would Be Surprised.
Waiting In Line Or A Traffic Backup, Waiting On Hold On Your Phone,
Waiting For Someone For Lunch, Waiting For A Boring Meeting To End,
Or Waiting For Someone To Return Your Call Or Text Message.
I Could Go On And On, But If You Will Stop For A Minute And
Ask Yourself - "I Wonder How Many Times I Have Tried To Push &
Control Life's Passage Today With My Desire To Have Things My Way?"
Well, If It's At Least Ten To Twenty Times A Day Consider Yourself
Normal As Most People Get Upset, Stressed, Anxious, Or Even Angry
When Things Don't Go Their Way On Their Schedule.
You Can't Change Circumstances Or Challenges If You Don't
Confront Them, However Life Often Demands That We Accept What
Is Uncertain Or Lies Ahead With A Sense Of Faith, Hope, And Trust.
I Know, Not Always Easy, Believe Me. But, Think About It - Can
You Really Control What Waits Around The Corner When You
Don't Know What It Is? Change Is Relentless And Constant.
Uncertainty Is A Normal Part Of Everyday Life Regardless Of
Your Age, Gender, Race Or Any Other Circumstances.
I'm Sure We've All Thought About What The Future Might
Be Like For Us, But Really.... Who Would've Thought It Would
End Up Like This?? #UGL
15 Minutes To Establish
*Heavy Clean & Jerk
*Full Snatch
12 Minute AMRAP
10x Thrusters 95/65
100m Sprint
-I Am Legend

Thursday, January 17, 2013


One Definition Of The Word "Thrive" Means 
"To Realize A Goal Despite Circumstances." That Means
You Can Prosper In All Things No Matter What Is Going On
Around You. You Don't Have To Settle For An Average
Year; You Can Have An Extraordinary Year. You May
Be Planning On Just Getting By, It's Time To See Your
Dreams Come To Pass. It's Time To Thrive Because There
Is A Plan For You To Prosper In Every Area Of Your Life.
Many People Today Are Living In "Survival Mode." If They
Can Just Make It Through The Day, They've Accomplished 
Their Goal. And, There Are Times When Circumstances Can
Seem Overwhelming. There Are Seasons That Are More
Difficult From Others. The Most Important Thing Is That
We Thrive For Success In Every Direction Of Our Life.
Snatch Balance
(Warm Up: 10-8-5)
6 Rounds:
10x Pull Ups
10x Thrusters
100m Sprint
-I Am Legend