Monday, November 25, 2013


It's Interesting How Time Works. One Minute You're Up,
Next Minute You're Down. One Minute You're Sad, Next
Minute You're Mad, And A Few Minutes Later You're Ok
Again. What Happens With The Passing Of Time? Do We
Process Specific Things For Our Own Good, And Forget The
Rest, Or Do We Simply Just Accept What Is, And Move On?
I Recently Read In A Book "A Million Miles In A Thousand Years"
Written By Donald Miller, That A Person Forgets More Than
50% Of Their Life. How Can Someone Forget More Than
Half Of Their Life? I Believe Forgetting Is Not Only Natural,
But Very Important During Our Growth Of Becoming
Better Individuals. Someone Once Told Me I Was Weak
For Saying I Was Willing To Do Anything In Order To
Prevent Something. I Believe Weakness Is Shown In Many
Forms, But Caring Definitely Isn't One Of Them. All I
Could Think About Was How Could Someone Say That,
But Before I Was Able To Put Too Much Thought Into It,
Time Stepped In, And Took Control. Time Doesn't Slow Down,
Speed Up, Or Stop For Anyone. Time Is Simply Time. We
Have To Remember That All We Can Do Is Surrender To
The Now, Forget What Was, And Have Faith Of What's To Come.
Front Squat
50x Hang Clean & Press
*Each Time Bar Is Dropped 5x Burpees*

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