Thursday, May 24, 2012


Ever Have One Of Those Tough As Hell Weeks Where It
Feels Like The World Is Unloading Both Barrels At You -
Where Things Fly At You At Such An Unrelenting Speed
That You Feel Like Life Is Pushing Your Limits Simply
To See Where Your Breaking Point Is? Where The
Pressure Is On, The Sleep Is Never Restful, And You
Find Yourself Boiling Up With Frustration About Your
Job, Relationship, Your Endurance, Your Strength,
Your Attitude, And It Seems Like At Any Moment Life
Is About To Break You? I'll Never Forget In My Very
First CrossFit Competition In 2010. It Was My First
Time To Compete & I Chose The Rx' Division. 1st WOD
Of The Day Involved Squat Cleans At A Semi Heavy
Weight. I Made It To My Last Round Of 5x Squat Cleans
And I Hit The First 2 Pretty Rough. For The Next 5
Minutes What Was Only 11 Atempts (Felt Like 100)
I Was Never Able To Stand Back Up With The #185.
Time Ran Out And For My First Competition, The
First WOD I Had To Write DNF (Did Not Finish)
By My Name. Defeat Sounded Nice Compared To
How I Was Feeling. You See, I Think We Feel Like
Crap Because We Imagine That Life Does Things
To Us, That Bad Situations Make Us Feel Bad. You
Learn From Experience That It Doesn't Have To Be
That Way - I'm Sure You've Been In Plenty Of
Situations That Sucked Where You Have Been
The Voice Of Reason - The One Who Was Able To
Stay In A Constructive Mood When Everyone Else
Wasn't. You Have The Power To Change Things -
To Stop Feeding The Draining Feelings And To
Start Feeding The Feelings That Will Help You
Get Out Of That Rut So You Can Be The Person
You Know You're Capable Of Being!!!
Back Squat *Low Bar
500m Row
KB Swing #70 / #53
Wall Ball #20 / #16
500m Row

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


What Comes To Mind When You Here The Word Family?
Family Is Who You Protect, Sacrafice, & Love
Unconditionaly Right? Recently A Guy Who You May
Know As Prince Andrew Was Reported As Saying
"I Believe Fundamentally That The Family Is The Most
Important Thing In Life". And This Belief Probably Holds
True For Most People, But Like The Diet We Have
Every Intention On Going On, Or The Cigarettes We
Have Every Intention On Giving Up, We Just Don't
Get Around To It Until It's Just Too Late. It's
Usually The Same With Family. Do We Grab The
Moment Now, Savour Our Time With Our Family,
Or Wait Until Everyone Is Grown And Caught Up
In Their Own Lives? The First Thing That Comes
To Mind When I Think Of My Family Is My Uncle
Danny Lena. Not That I Love Him Any More Than
My Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Or Anyone Else.
I Lived With My Uncle For A Short Period When I Was
About 19 Years Old. He Basically Gave Me The
Blueprint On How To Become A Man & How
Important It Was To Love And Protect Your Family.
Be Thankful That You Have People Who Love You
& Always Remember That Friends Come & Go, But
Everything Starts And Ends With Family!!
Snatch Grip Deadlift
Snatch Balance
1 Mile Run
50x Pull Ups
25x HSPU
50x Double Unders
25x Push Ups
50x Air Squats
25x ABMAT Sit Ups

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


PurePharma Omega-3
Some Of You May Ask, What Is PurePharma?
At PurePharma, We Strive To Make The Freshest,
Purest, And Most Potent Fish Oil Possible. We
Achieve This By:
1. Using The Whole Body Of Small Deep Sea Fish
2. Moleculary Destilling The Oil Two Times To Achieve
Ultra High Concentration & Purity.
3. Cold Filtrating The Oil As A Final Purification Step
To Gently Remove All Contaminants.
4. Carefully Managing Heat, Light And Oxygen Exposure
Throughout Production To Ensure The Absence Of Oxidation.
Going Through All This Trouble Is Worth It,
Because This Is Exactly Why PurePharma
Omega-3 Comes So Highly Recommended By
Athletes & Experts.

Front Squat

6 Rounds:
3x Deadlifts #115 / #85
6x Power Cleans
9x Push Press

-I Am Legend


Is Your Mind Wandering In Fast Motion?
Relax. If Your Mind Is Constantly Spinning
With Ideas, Thoughts, Or Deadlines, You
Initially Don't Want To Expect Immediate
Gratification. "Baby Steps". Start Imagining
The Next Few Days Without Any
Distractions And Work Obligations. Envision
A Day Where All You Were Doing Was
Dedicating The Day To Yourself. Eventually,
Turn Those Thoughts Into Reality-Slowly.
Spend Time With Yourself For An Hour A Day.
Try To Maintain A Sense Of Calmness Even In
Difficult Situations. Slow Down Your Attention
Span: Listen More And Respond Slowly. By
Slowing Down When Necessary, You'll Reap Many
Benefits. You'll Feel Better About Yourself,
Appreciate Your Surroundings, And Enjoy Life
A Whole Lot More!

10 Minutes Of Each:
Double Under Practice / HSPU

600m Run
75x KB Swings #53 / #35
75x Box Jumps
75x GHD Sit Ups

-I Am Legend

Thursday, May 3, 2012


"21 Guns", A Memorial Salute To Our Veterans
Will Happen On Memorial Day (May 28th) 2012
To Further Connect The CrossFit Community
With Our Veterans. The 21 Reps Each Represent
A 21 Gun Salute, The Nation's Highest Display Of
Honor. The 5 Exercises Are For Each Branch
(Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard).
Doing The Workout With A Partner Signifies The
Bonds We Aim To Create Between Our Nation's
Warriors And The Communities They Return To,
And Doing It Twice Represents Tribute To Honor
The Living And In Memorial Of The Fallen.
I Have Signed Up An "Underground Legends"
Team, And Will Be Performing The Workout
At Skyline CrossFit. (
Contact Me For More Info On How To Be A
Part Of This Amazing Cause.

Sumo Deadlifts
Reps Should Be Touch & Go Throughout Sets

3 Rounds:
400m Run
15x KB Swings
5x Deadlifts #185 / #135

-I Am Legend

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Watching The Previews To A Movie Then Being
Able To Figure Out The Whole Story Is
Close To Impossible. It's Almost Like Looking
At Someone And Trying To Figure Out
Everything They're Going Through, Or
THINKING They Have It Perfect When
In Reality Nobody Has A Perfect Life. 
Nobody Is Perfect, And Nobody Deserves
To Be Perfect. Nobody Has It Easy, Everybody
Has Issues. You Never Know What People
Are Going Through, So Pause Before You
Start Judging, Criticizing, Or Mocking Others.
Everybody Is Fighting There Own Unique War.
R.I.P. Junior Seau

5x5x5x5x5 Of:
1x Power Clean
1x Push Jerk
2x OHS
*Use 75% Of Your 1RM C&J

5 Rounds:
20x Wall Ball
5x Power Cleans #155 / #105

-I Am Legend