Wednesday, May 23, 2012


What Comes To Mind When You Here The Word Family?
Family Is Who You Protect, Sacrafice, & Love
Unconditionaly Right? Recently A Guy Who You May
Know As Prince Andrew Was Reported As Saying
"I Believe Fundamentally That The Family Is The Most
Important Thing In Life". And This Belief Probably Holds
True For Most People, But Like The Diet We Have
Every Intention On Going On, Or The Cigarettes We
Have Every Intention On Giving Up, We Just Don't
Get Around To It Until It's Just Too Late. It's
Usually The Same With Family. Do We Grab The
Moment Now, Savour Our Time With Our Family,
Or Wait Until Everyone Is Grown And Caught Up
In Their Own Lives? The First Thing That Comes
To Mind When I Think Of My Family Is My Uncle
Danny Lena. Not That I Love Him Any More Than
My Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Or Anyone Else.
I Lived With My Uncle For A Short Period When I Was
About 19 Years Old. He Basically Gave Me The
Blueprint On How To Become A Man & How
Important It Was To Love And Protect Your Family.
Be Thankful That You Have People Who Love You
& Always Remember That Friends Come & Go, But
Everything Starts And Ends With Family!!
Snatch Grip Deadlift
Snatch Balance
1 Mile Run
50x Pull Ups
25x HSPU
50x Double Unders
25x Push Ups
50x Air Squats
25x ABMAT Sit Ups

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