Monday, January 31, 2011


Why Is It Hard For Some People To Believe That They Have
The Ability To Make Something Special Out Of Themselves? Is It
Really Fair To Say That You Just Need To Be Sure Before Plunging
Into The Unknown? Have You Ever Noticed That People Who Have
Found Success, Does Not Necessarily Mean That They Have Done
This In A Short Span Of Time? If You Take A Look At These People,
They Will Tell You Stories Of Relentlessness And Perseverance, And
Believing In Something Even Though People They Know Gave
Up On Them. Now, Believing In Positivity Is Something We Do Not
Always Do, Almost Everything In Our Lives, We Tend To Fight Or
Hold On To What We Believe Is Coming Or Has Come. Sometimes
Things Do Not Go Our Way, And What We Do Is Blame These
Problems To People Or Things That We Have No Control Of.
Start Believing And Start Taking Control Of Your Life.
5 Rounds:
400m Run
30x Wall Balls #20 / #14
30x Box Jumps
-I Am Legend

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I Usually Try To Avoid Cliches, But When It Rains It Pours.
Recently, It Has Been Revealed To Me That Most People Are
Recovering From Something. It Was Planted In My Mind A Long
Time Ago That Some People's Lives Are Easier Than Others, But
That Is Not True. I Imagined That Hard Times Show On A Person's
Face Or In Their Attitude. The People Who Smile Everyday And
Have A Great Attitude Could Not Possibly Know What It Is Like
To Suffer. The Truth Is That We All Go Through Things And What
Truly Seperates Us Is How We Let It Affect Us. Some People Can
Sustain A Certain Lifestyle Their Entire Lives, Others Make Progress
And Develop A New Approach. No Setback Seems Minor When
You Are Experiencing It. There Is Also No Way To Determine If
One Setback Is Bigger Than Another. Recent Experiences Have
Shown Me That People Go From Challenge To Challenge. Some
Use Those Challenges To Become Better, Some Become Bitter.
All We Can Do Is Live & Learn. God Bless.
Back Squat
4 Rounds
20x Wall Ball
20x Ring Dips
400m Run
-I Am Legend

Thursday, January 27, 2011


This Might Be A Tough One To Understand. You May Be
Asking Yourself; Don't Content And Satisfied Mean The Same
Thing? Not Really. Contentment Is Something We Should All
Be Striving For. To Be Content, As Far As I'm Concerned, Is To
Be Able To Be Happy In The Life You're Living; To Have The Ability
To Be Grateful For What You Have And Enjoy Life. I'm Content,
But I'll Never Be Satisfied. To Say That You Are Satisfied With
Everything In Your Life Is Just A Way To Justify Giving Up On Your
Dreams. I Believe That If You Ever Feel Completely Satisfied With
Everything In Your Life, You Haven't Set The Bar High Enough.
You've Given In To The Temptation To Accept Mediocrity. You've
Settled For Being Good Rather Than Striving To Be Great. I
Encourage You To Not Allow Yourself To Be Completely Satisfied
With Your Life. The Only Time You Should Allow Yourself To
Stop Striving To Be Better Is When You're Six Feet Under!!
Tabata Abs
AMRAP In 15 Minutes
8x Power Cleans #155 / #105
12x Box Jumps
-I Am Legend

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Overwhelm Isn't Just Having A Lot Of Things To Do.
When You're Overwhelmed You Often Feel Stuck Because
There's So Much To Do You Don't Know Where To Start. Being
Overwhelmed Can Keep You Going Around In Circles. Ask,
"What Is The Most Important Thing To Do Right Now?" Focus On
That One Thing. Many 'Urgent' Are Not As Important As You Think.
I Suggest You Step Back And View The Big Picture. What Exactly
Are You Trying To Do? It Is Possible To Get So Caught Up In The
Detail That You Lose Sight Of What Really Needs Doing. If The
Task Seems Too Big Break It Down Into Small Easy To Do Steps.
If You Are Struggling To Make A Decision, Just Do Something, It
Doesn't Really Matter What, Do The First Thing That Comes To
Mind. You Will Soon Know Whether It Is The Right Decision For
You. Simply Change Your Mind If It Is Obvious That You Could
Make A Better Choice. Focus On One Thing At A Time, And Complete
The Task Before Starting Something Else. Switching Between
Tasks Can Be An Energy Drain And Time Waster.
Snatch Grip DeadLift
5 Rounds
400m Run
20x Kettle Bell Swings #53 / #35
-I Am Legend

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


These Days, It Seems Like Everyone "Already Knows"
How Important Squats Are. And Yet, It's Still Incredibly
Rare To See Anyone Performing Full Squats In Most Gyms.
And It's Even More Rare To See Someone Working HARD With
The Barbell On Their Back. Everybody Loves RESULTS Right?
And Given That So Many People Aren't Seeing Results From
Their Efforts Combined With The Fact That Most Squat Racks
In Gym's Are Mainly Used For Bicep Curls.... I Can't Help But
Wonder If People Are Under-Estimating Just How Important
Squats Are. Here Are 5 Important Reasons Why Squats Are
So Important.
#1. Squats Are A Full Body Exercise
#2. Squats Boost Favorable Hormones
#3. Squats Build Strength In Your Hips And Core
#4. Squats Build Overall Muscle Mass
#5. Squats Build Mental Toughness
Bench Press
3 Rounds
10x DeadLift #275 / #185
50x Double Unders
-I Am Legend

Friday, January 21, 2011


Actions Speak Louder Than Words!
Therefore Beginning Today, Encourage As Well As Challenge
Yourself To Do This. On A Small Index Card Write "I Said Something
Good." On The Other Side Write, "I Said Something Bad." Carry
The Card With You For A Whole Day. Everytime You Say Something
To A Person, Make A Check Mark On The Side Of The Card That
Fits Your Words. At The End Of The Day Add Up The Check That
Marks On Each Side. How Did You Do? Always Remember To Look
For The Good In Other People. If You Say Anything, Say Something
That Will Make Another Person Feel Happier Or Better About
Themselves. Remember, You Shall Pass Through This World But
Once. Any Good Therefore You Can Do Or Any Kindness You Can
Show To Any Human Being Please Do So.
Dear Lord, Make Me An Instrument Of Your Peace; Where There
Is Hatred, Let Me Show Love; Where There Is Injury, Pardon;
Where There Is Doubt, Faith; Where There Is Despair, Hope;
Where There Is Darkness, Light; Where There Is Sadness, Joy;
Where There Is An Idle Tongue, Help Me To Keep Away From Them.
Hang Squat Clean
Max Rep KB Swing In 4 Min #53 / #35
Rest 1 Minute
3 Rounds:
Max Burpee In 30 Seconds / 30 Seconds Rest
-I Am Legend

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Are You Flowing Towards All The Directions You Want To?
Or Are You Limiting Yourself Because You Feel "Safe" Or
"Comfortable" Being Where You Are? One Thing I Have Noticed
Throughout Life Is - People Are Never Truly Happy Being Where
They Are, No Matter Who They Are. Each One Has His Or Her
Unique Way Of Expressing It. We All Want More From Life But
It All Boils Down To How Many Of Us Actually Get Down To Doing
Something About It. If You Don't Change Your Direction From
Time To Time, The Change Happens Anyway But You May Not Like
Where You Are Headed. Some Of Us Get So "Comfortable" With
Our Lives Without Realizing That This Attitude Is Denying You
Of The Life You Actually Wish For. Puffy Clouds With Words Like
"Risky" & "Discomfort" Keep Hovering Overhead As We Go About
Living A Life That We Make Ourselves Believe We Are Happy With.
The Difference Between You And The Person You Would Like To
Be Is The Comfort Zone You Live In. The Comfort Zone You Are
Used To Is Only An Illusion That You Have Created From Your
Past Thoughts. You Just Have To Start Creating A New Illusion
With Your Mind And You Will Be Able To Live The Life You Want.
100x Pull Ups *Any Style
30x Clean & Jerk #135 / #95
-I Am Legend

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Let's Assume For A Moment That There Are No Physical Limits,
What Your Body Can Accomplish Is Only Limited By Your Mind.
If You Have A Winning Spirit You Can Accomplish Whatever You
Want. Sounds Familiar? It Certainly Sounds Motivational And The
Proponents For This Hypothesis Have A Lot Of Examples To Share.
But Is It True? I Know Of Numerous Examples Of Athletes With
Great Determination And Unwavering Efforts To Win - Who
Ended-Up Absolutely Devastated When They Did Not Win. It Seems
Safe To Assert That At The Very Least The Mind Is Not In All Cases
The Power That Limits The Body's Physical Abilities.
Front Squat
21x Power Snatch #115 / #75
200m Run
15x Power Snatch
400m Run
9x Power Snatch
600m Run
-I Am Legend

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Making Changes In Your Life Can Cut Down On Negative
Emotions, But It Won't Eliminate Your Stress Triggers Entirely.
As You Make Changes In Your Life To Bring About Less Frustration,
You Will Also Need To Find Healthful Outlets For Dealing With
These Emotions. Regular Exercise Can Provide An Emotional Lift
As Well As An Outlet For Negative Emotions. Meditation Can Help
You Find Some "Inner" Space To Work With, So Your Emotions
Don't Feel So Overwhelming. Finding Opportunities For Having
Fun And Getting More Laughter In Your Life Can Also Change Your
Perspective And Relieve Stress. Find A Few Of These Outlets, And
You'll Feel Less Overwhelmed When Negative Emotions Do Arise.
*Hang Power Clean
Double Unders
Renegade Rows #55 / #35
-I Am Legend

Monday, January 17, 2011


You Need To Have A Self Improvement Plan And A System
For Your Personal Development & Growth. And Then Take
Consistent And Continuous Actions. When You Know In Which
Direction You Want To Go, You Will Work On Yourself, Do All That
You Can Do And Do Your Best. As You Do This You Will Begin To
Grow. Ask Yourself These Few Questions:
*Do You Like Where You Are And What You Have Become?
*Have You Ever Wished That Your Life Was Better?
*Is Your Relationships With Others Working The Way You Want?
*Are You Producing The Results That You Want?
*What Makes You Feel Good?
*Why Do You Do What You Do?
*How Do You Go From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be?
When You Begin To Ask Yourself These Types Of Questions, You
Will Start Looking For The Answers Within You. And Your Journey
To Heal, Improvement & Growth Will Begin.
Push Jerk
3 Rounds
400m Run
5x C2B Pull Ups
10x Push Ups
15x Back Squat #115 / #75
-I Am Legend

Friday, January 14, 2011


Belief Is Something Which Can Be Built By Thinking In A
Particular Way, Using Both Your Logical Mind And Your Emotions.
You See, If Your Focus Upon The Same Thing Clearly And
Consistently With A Positive Emotional Attachment You Will
Naturally Be Led In That Direction. You Create A State Of Tunnel
Vision For Yourself Simply By Applying Consistent Focus. Just
How Do You Access This Magical Ingredient Of Self-Belief? We Tend
To Think You Either Believe In Something Or Not. But This Really Isn't The Case. If You Were To Ask Cornelius Vanderbuilt Or Winston
Churchill (2 Examples Of Human Beings Who Had Unshakable
Belief) How They Came To Have Their Strong Belief, They Would
Both Say That Their Belief Came From The Way In Which
They Thought. I Read A Motivational Message Earlier Today Which
Directed One To Teach Your Imagination To Visualize Successful
Moments. It Had A Small Proviso Added; To Just Be Sure That You
Are In The Picture. To Capitalize Upon Your Natural Talent Of
Dreaming, You Should Ensure That You Picture What You Really
Want To Happen And Not What You Do Not Want To Materialize.
1 Mile Run *For Time
AMRAP In 10 Minutes
6x Box Jumps *On The Minute
Max Rep Push Ups For Remainder Of Minute
*Count Total Reps Of Push Ups After 10 Minutes Expires.
-I Am Legend

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Within This Pardigm It's Only Natural That The Conflict Between
Self-Acceptance And Growth Should Arise. Once You Start
Labeling Some Points Of Your Life As Being Of "Higher" Or "Lower"
Quality Than Others, Then You Have The Means To Compare Any
Point To Any Other. How Does Your Life Today Compare With
Your Life 5 Years Ago? Are You Richer? Happier? Healthier?
Now You Have To Decide How Much You Want To Push Things
To Improve In Quality As You Progress Through Life. You Can
Accept Your Current Position As Adequate And OPT To Simply
Maintain It, Or You Can Strive To Achieve Something Greater.
You Can Also Adopt The Belief That Your Life Is Largely Out Of
Your Control, In Which Case Your Best Bet Would Be To Learn To
Accept Whatever Outcomes You Experience, Regardless Of How
You Might Rate Their Level Of Quality. The More You Accept Where
You Are, The Less Motivation There Is To Grow. And The More You
Push Yourself To Grow, The Less Satisfaction You Derive From Your
Current Position. Always Have A Vision Of Getting Better!!
*100 K2E After Wod
3 Rounds 1 Minute Stations
*Sled Pulls
*Rope Climbs
*Hammer On Tires
*Farmer Carries
*Tire Flips
-I Am Legend

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


There Is A Lot Of Talk About How Many Overweight Children
There Are In The United States. Statistics Show 1 Out Of Every
3 Children Is Overweight Or Obese. And The Number Doesn't
Seem To Be Going Down. Books Are Written About It. Magazine
Articles Have Been Written About It. Even The First Lady Of The
United States Has Gotten Involved. While There Has Been Much
Said And Written, Finding Solutions Is The Key To Helping Kids
Change. Studies Show That Children Follow The Example They
See In The Home. If Mom Eats Healthy, They Will Eat Healthy.
If Dad Stays Active, They Will Be Active. The Reverse Is Also True.
Parents Who Do One Thing And Say Another Are Not Very
Effective Examples. Kids Tend To Be Very Good Observers. They
Are Also Very Good At Noticing Inconsistencies. So, For Healthy
*200 Abmats
5 Rounds:
3x Power Snatch #135/#95
5x OHS
7x Lateral Burpee
-I Am Legend

Monday, January 10, 2011


TEMPTATION COMES In Many Forms, Often So Potent,
So Animal, That It Seems Impossible To Resist. Eating Too
Much, Drinking Too Much, Spending Too Much Or Letting
The Heart Rule The Head. We Get Instant Messages From Deep
In The Gut That Resonate Through The Mind, Trying To Dictate
Our Behaviour. One Of Humanity's Most Useful Skills, Without
Which Advanced Civilizations Would Not Exist, Is Being Able
To Engage Our Higher Cognitive Functions, Our Self-Control
To Resist These Temptations. Psychologists Have Found That
Self-Control Is Strongly Associated With What We Label Success:
Higher Self-Esteem, Better Interpersonal Skills, Better Emotional
Responses And, Perhaps Surprisingly, Few Drawbacks At Even
Very High Levels Of Self Control. For More Important
Information Read An Article From Dr. Kentaro Fujita On
Squat Clean
5 Rounds
10x SDHP #135 / #95
15x Push Ups *New Standard
20x Double Unders
-I Am Legend

Friday, January 7, 2011


When We Are Faced With The Moment Of Losing Something,
Whether It Be A Job, Loved One, Or A Way Of Being, It Can Act
As A Catalyst Of Reversion. Leading Us On A Path Away From
Ourselves. It Is Almost As If In Order To Deal With It We Must
Lose Ourselves As Well. To Be Present Is Harder Than Letting Go
Of The Situation And Falling Into What Overwhelms Us. To See
Ourselves Clearly In These Moments Helps To Exist With What Is
Happening. By Letting Go Of Ourselves We Lose The Hold Of Not
Only Of Our Own Reality But Of What Is True. It Is Almost As If
We Prefer To Hide In The Moment That Most Scares Us, Than See
It For What It Is So That We Can Move On. This Does Make Sense,
For To Admit That We Have Lost Something Means That It Has
Really Happened. But Admitting It Is Often The First Step To
Recovery Into The Present, It Allows Us To Come Back To Our Life.
Let Go Of Whatever Holds You Back... Be Free
*Find New PR'
800m Run
3 Rounds
Mas Rep Ring Dips
Max Rep Straight Bar Curl #75 / #45
800m Run
-I Am Legend

Thursday, January 6, 2011


If You Look Around At The Top Performers Today In Any Field -
Sports, Sales, Or Even Coaching Itself - You'll Find That Almost
All Of These Top Performers Have At Least One Thing In Common.
They All Had A Coach At One Time Or Another In Their Professional
Careers. Whether It's Golf, Tennis, Running, Sales, Business
Management, Or Writing, A Coach Can Help You Perform At A Much
Higher Level. Here's How:
-A Good Coach Will Keep You Motivated. Since You Have To Report
Regularly To Your Coach, You'll Get Constant Feedback &
Encouragement, This Will Keep You Motivated To Achieve Your Best.
-A Good Coach Will Offer A System For Success. With A System
In Place, You'll Be More Likely To Stick With It.
-A Good Coach Will Help You Learn To Plan. Your Coach Will Help
You Set Goals That Are Realistic And Design Training That Will
Help You Achieve Those Goals. Another Words A Good Coach
Will Help Keep You Focused.
-A Good Coach Will Offer You Professional Advice. They Will Help
You Get Beyond Certain Plateaus When You No Longer Seem To
Be Moving Ahead & Improving.
Everyone Needs A Coach. So Find A Coach Who Is Right For You.
So Get Ready To Enjoy The Climb To Your Top Level Of Performance.
50x GHD Situps
AMRAP 15 Minutes
6x Front Squat #155 / #105
-I Am Legend

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


When You Are Stuck In A Rut It Can Be One Of The Most
Demotivating And Depressing Experiences You Will Ever Face.
When You Are Going Nowhere Fast And The World Is
Changing Around You, The Common Feeling Is One Of Being
Trapped. We Often Feel Trapped When We Stop Learning And
Experiencing New Things. When We Are Born We Begin Our
Learning Journey, Discovering The World Around Us Through
Our Experiences. As We Grow Older We Crave Growth And
Further Development And We Seek To Further Our Own
Knowledge And Experience. So What Happens When We Stop
Learning? When We Leave School, Get A Job And Settle Down.
Do Our Needs For Mental Stimulation Subside? The Simple
Answer Is NO! Set Goals / Always Be Learning / Experience New
Things / Overcome Your Weaknesses / Exercise / Meet New
People / Help Other's Every Chance You Get.
Bench Press
5 Rounds
5x Hang Power Snatch #135 / 395
10x Burpee
30x Double Unders
-I Am Legend