Wednesday, January 5, 2011


When You Are Stuck In A Rut It Can Be One Of The Most
Demotivating And Depressing Experiences You Will Ever Face.
When You Are Going Nowhere Fast And The World Is
Changing Around You, The Common Feeling Is One Of Being
Trapped. We Often Feel Trapped When We Stop Learning And
Experiencing New Things. When We Are Born We Begin Our
Learning Journey, Discovering The World Around Us Through
Our Experiences. As We Grow Older We Crave Growth And
Further Development And We Seek To Further Our Own
Knowledge And Experience. So What Happens When We Stop
Learning? When We Leave School, Get A Job And Settle Down.
Do Our Needs For Mental Stimulation Subside? The Simple
Answer Is NO! Set Goals / Always Be Learning / Experience New
Things / Overcome Your Weaknesses / Exercise / Meet New
People / Help Other's Every Chance You Get.
Bench Press
5 Rounds
5x Hang Power Snatch #135 / 395
10x Burpee
30x Double Unders
-I Am Legend

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