Thursday, January 13, 2011


Within This Pardigm It's Only Natural That The Conflict Between
Self-Acceptance And Growth Should Arise. Once You Start
Labeling Some Points Of Your Life As Being Of "Higher" Or "Lower"
Quality Than Others, Then You Have The Means To Compare Any
Point To Any Other. How Does Your Life Today Compare With
Your Life 5 Years Ago? Are You Richer? Happier? Healthier?
Now You Have To Decide How Much You Want To Push Things
To Improve In Quality As You Progress Through Life. You Can
Accept Your Current Position As Adequate And OPT To Simply
Maintain It, Or You Can Strive To Achieve Something Greater.
You Can Also Adopt The Belief That Your Life Is Largely Out Of
Your Control, In Which Case Your Best Bet Would Be To Learn To
Accept Whatever Outcomes You Experience, Regardless Of How
You Might Rate Their Level Of Quality. The More You Accept Where
You Are, The Less Motivation There Is To Grow. And The More You
Push Yourself To Grow, The Less Satisfaction You Derive From Your
Current Position. Always Have A Vision Of Getting Better!!
*100 K2E After Wod
3 Rounds 1 Minute Stations
*Sled Pulls
*Rope Climbs
*Hammer On Tires
*Farmer Carries
*Tire Flips
-I Am Legend

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