Monday, December 31, 2012


I Once Thought I Was At The End Of The Road.
Seeing Nothing But Iron Bars, Glass Windows, And Concrete
Walls I Knew That My Dreams Of Success Had Ended.
Dark Days Turned Into Brighter Ones, Hard Times Brought
Victories, And Through It All God Showed Me The Way. To
All The Ones Who Battled The Same Obsticles I Did On That
Long Road & To The Ones Who Are Still Battling....
May 2013 Bring You Many Blessings And May All Of Your
Dreams Come To Reality Just As Mine Did.
Happy New Years 2013
10x HSPU
20x Deadlift
30x Box Jumps
50x Pull Ups
100x Wall Balls
200x Double Unders
400m Run With Weight
-I Am Legend

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


 What You Give To One Person, You Will
Receive From A Different Source. So You Don't Have To
Give With The Expectation Of Receiving Back From The
Same Person You Give To, But Knowing That It Will
Definitely Come Back To You Multiplied From Other Sources.
It Works According To The Law Of Cause & Effect Where
The Universe Always Mirrors Back To You Whatever You
Do. Do Not Refuse Anything Good That Is Offered To You.
If Someone Offers You A Gift, Take The Gift And Just
Say, "Thank You". Give Up Your Beliefs About Accepting
Gifts From Others. Forget About Feeling Vulnerable Or
Owing Them Something. The Reason Why It Is Important
To Accept These Gifts Is That It Allows The Other
Person To Give. If You Wanted To Give A Gift, Wouldn't
You Want Someone To Receive Your Gift? Remember,
There Can't Be A Giver Without A Receiver.
Whenever You Accept A Gift, Know That You Are
Helping Yourself And The Giver To Complete The
Cycle Of Giving & Receiving. Of Course You Can Decline
A Gift When It Is Given For The Wrong Purpose Or
The Wrong Motive. When You Know That Someone Is
Giving You Something For The Purpose Of Enticing You
To Do Something That Is Not To Your Best Benefit,
You Have Every Right To Decline The Gift.
True Giving Is Always Out Of Love. Love Is The
Purist Motive Force And Giving Is The Expression Of
Love. When Someone Gives To You Out Of Love You
Will Know It.
Each Man Should Give What He Has Decided In His Heart
To Give, Not Reluctantly Or Under Compulsion, For
God Loves A Cheerful Giver. -2 Corinthians 9:7
Push Press *Heavy
Warm Up: 10-8-5-5
5 Rounds:
10 KB Snatch 53/35 *Each Arm
200m Sprint
-I Am Legend

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Chances Are If You Ran Into Katherine On The Street
You Would Glance At Her And Simply Keep Walking.
Just By Looking You May Wonder How? Why? What?
Or Who Could This Woman Be To Live Out Of A Backpack
And A Few Loose Bags? When She Began To Tell You She
Was Once A Lawyer And A Successful Mother Of Two
It May Be Hard To Believe. I'm Sure If You Would Take A
Second To Ask Yourself Could This Be Me, You Would
Quickly Answer "No Way"! Katherine Was Married,
Had 2 Kids, And A Great Career. Her Husband Kept Her
And Her Two Kids Hostage In A House For Close To A Year
Before Killing Himself And There Two Children. The 
Reason For What He Did Is Unknown, And From That
 Day Forward She Was Unable To Cope And Lost Everything
She Had. Her Moment Of Success Ended In The Blink Of
An Eye. Our Moments Troughout Our Journey Must Be
Cherished... You Never Know When The Moment Will
Become A Memory!
Prep The Body: Thrusters 3x20 #65/#45
Strength: Box Squats *Front Rack 3x10
12 Minute AMRAP:
7x Deadlift 155/105
12x Push Ups
7x Box Jumps

Sunday, November 25, 2012


I'm Thinking Of A Number Between One And A Million.
Can You Guess What It Is? Many Of Us Walk Around With A
Dollar Amount In Our Heads - An Amount That, If We Had It,
Would Make Us Feel Prosperous, Secure, And Successful.
It May Flucuate Week To Week Or Year To Year. It May
Be Uncounscious Or It May Be Thought Out, As In The Case
Of Comedian Jim Carrey Who, Before Came Famous, Buried
His Father With A Check For Ten Million Dollars As A
Promise To Himself And A Tribute To His Dad. There Is
Nothing At All Wrong With The Dollar Amount You Have
In Your Mind. Making Plans, Relishing Future Success &
Working Toward A Goal Are All Worthy And Exciting
Endeavors. But, We Have To Be Careful Of Welding Our
Whole Existence To That Monetary Goal. We Have To Keep
In Mind That We Are Not On This Earth To Give Our
Money A Great Life Piling Up In The Bank; The Money
Is Here To Help Us Live Better & Help Those Around Us.
If We Can Keep That Reminder With Us Every Time We
Imagine Our Future Fortunes, The Amounts We Actually
Have And The Ones We Imagine We Might Have One Day
Can Change, But The Feeling Of Prosperity And
Contentment Will Be The Same, And That's What Counts.
"No Man's Fortune Can Be An End Worthy Of His Being"
-Sir Francis Bacon
Front Squat 1 1/4
20 Minute AMRAP:
10x Hang Power Snatch 135/95 
15x Wall Balls 20/14
200m Run
-I Am Legend

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Did You Know That In The United States More People Go
Home For Thanksgiving Than For Christmas? And Yet,
No Presents Are Exchanged. It Is Simply A Time To Return
Home And Share A Meal, Conversation, Time With Close
Family. Family And Friends Are Often Such An Accepted
Part Of Our Lives That We Forget To Give Thanks For
Them, Their Support, Annoying Habbits And Sometimes
Unsolicited Interference & Advice. Finding Ways To
Value & Appreciate These Relationships And Learn
To Interact Appropriately With Others Are Important
Elements In Becoming A Functioning Human Being
While Living A Satisfyingn And Successful Life In The
Big Wide World Away From Home & Familiar
Surroundings. Many Of Us Compare Ourselves To
Others. We May See Other People Luxurious Homes,
Wonderful Clothes, Regular Holidays To Exotic
Locations, And Much More. But Those People May
Well Wish They Spent Less Time At Work & More
Time Together As A Family. Being Appreciative Of
What We Have Grounds Us And Reminds Us What
The Important Things Really Are.
Happy Thanksgiving 2013 #Blessings
20 Min To Establish 1RM Push Press
10-8-5-3-1..... Til Failure
15 Minutes AMRAP
15x SDHP 95/65
10x Plated Burpees 45/25
-I Am Legend

Sunday, November 18, 2012


When Most People Think Of Randalls They Think Groceries.
I Think of a man I met named David Randall. I had the
privilege of meeting David at Brazosport CrossFit sometime
early this year. I couldn't tell you how the training session started,
but I can tell you David was my partner during a team WOD
as we competed against the owners. When we began to
lock the gym I noticed there weren't any vehicles in the parking
lot, so I asked David if he needed a ride. "No thank you", he replied.
He was only in town for a few days before he went back
off shore again. He said he was staying in a hotel not too far &
he would be fine jogging back. Although David didn't share too
much about his life I connected with the sense of just
"Traveling Through". I recieved a message from David
earlier today & would like to share it. Congrats on your
new PR of snatch brother & stay blessed as you continue on
your journey. #UGL #MoreThanABrand #Community #Family
hey brotha. You need to know that your last video post, to me, was awesome. Because I believe one should tell others when they have made a difference... Here I go. Thank for your coaching me that one time we WODED. You went over the squat snatch with me. Well today I PR 205 for three unbroken. Thank you.

Box Squats
2 Rounds:
30x Single Arm Thruster 53/35
(15 left 15 right)
100x Double Unders / 300x Singles
Then 800m Run (Buy Out)
-I Am Legend

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


We All Know There Are Only 24 Hours In A Day
And 7 Days In A Week. I Feel Like Myself & Everyone Involved
With The 2012 Texas Crossfit Shootout Spent About 25 Hours
A Day And 8 Days A Week To Make Sure This Event
Was Ran As Close To Perfect As You Can Get. I Knew
That This Event Would Not Only Give Me A Chance To
Bring People Together, But Allow People To Experience A Brief
Moment Of What My Life Consist Of On A Day-2-Day Basis.
I'm Thankful For Everyone Who Made This Event Possible
And I Greatly Appreciate All The Support From The CrossFit
#Shootout2013 #UGL

Box Squats *2 Second Pause
10-8-5-3 Then 5x1

4 Rounds:
10x Hang Power Snatch #95/#65
15x Box Jumps 24/20
200m Run

-I Am Legend 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The Sacrafice That Causes Sorrow To The Doer Of The Sacrafice
Is No Sacrafice. Real Sacrafice Lightens The Mind Of The
Doer And Gives Them A Sense Of Peace & Joy. There Are Plenty
Of Teams In Every Sport That Have Great Players And Never
Win Titles. Most Of The Time, Those Players Aren't Willing
To Sacrafice For The Greater Good Of The Team. In The End,
Their Unwillingness To Sacrafice Only Makes Individual Goals
More Difficult To Achieve. One Of The Things I Believe In 100%
Is That If You Think & Achieve As A Team The Individual
Accolades Will Take Care Of Themselves. Same Thing Goes
With Every One Of Us. You Don't Have To Play Football To
Be Win A Title, You Don't Have To Wear A Jersey To Feel
Like You Belong To Something, And You Don't Have To Be
An Athlete To Be On A Team. If We Work Together As
Brother's & Sister's Like We Are Supposed To Work Together
Then More & More Dreams Will Come True, More Goals Will
Be Reached, And More Success Will Be Seen. Sacrafice Is
All Around Us... You Can Have Anything In Life If You Will
Sacrafice Everything Else For It.
Hang Clean & Jerk
(Warm Up: 10*8*5*3)
3 Rounds:
15x Barbell SDHP 115/75
15x Ring Dips
400m Run
-I Am Legend

Monday, October 1, 2012


Barbell Complex
*All Movements Done With #45 Standard Barbell
3 Rounds:
20x Squats
20x Alternating Lunges
20x Step Ups
10x Jumping Squats
7 Rounds:
3x Power Cleans (AHAP) = As Heavy As Possible
6x Jumping Squats *Air Squat
25 Yard Sprint

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Some People Make It Harder Than What It
Really Is. It's Very Simple.... Forgive.
Banded Press
5 Rounds:
10x Chin Ups
10x KBSDHP 53/35
10x Push Ups
10x Sit Ups
5x KB Push Press Right Arm
5x KB Push Press Left Arm
-I Am Legend

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I Go To Bed Early Because You Won't
I Wake Up Early Because You Won't
I Eat The Same Things Everyday Because You Won't
I Bleed, Sweat, Cry Everyday Because You Won't
I Miss The Birthday Parties & Get Togethers Because You Won't
I Miss Happy Hour Because You Won't
I Miss The Popular TV Show Because You Won't
I Miss Monday Night Football Because You Won't
I Lift A Few More Reps Because You Won't
I Run 2 More Laps Because You Won't
I Miss Falling Short Because You Won't
Everyone Has The Desire To Win,
But Only Champions Have The Desire To Prepare.
Behind The Neck Split Jerk
(Warm Up: 10-8-5-3)
20 Minute AMRAP
5x Wall Walks
10x KB Lunges 44/35
15x T2B
-I Am Legend

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


There Are Certain Things In Life Where

You Know Its A Mistake, But You Don't Really

Know Its A Mistake Because The Only Way

To Really Know Is To Make That Mistake &
Look Back And Say, "Yep, That Was A Mistake".

I Call Mistakes "Missed Shots"... We All

Make Them At Different Points In Our Life.

It Could Have Been That Relationship We

Wanted To Work But Instead It Ended, The

Job We Applied For But Didn't Get The Call,

The School We Wanted To Go To But

Failed The Entry Exam. The Missed Shots

Are Everywhere. The True Story Is The

Realization That No Time In Your Life Is

Ever Perfect, That Even The Best Memories

Have Cracks You May Not See. The Best Part

About Those Missed Shots Is Today Is A
Brand New Day. A Fresh Start. Replace

Any Negativity With Positivity. Know That

Only You Can Determine Your Destination.

If You Miss A Shot And Fail That Journey

Know That There Is A Road To Recovery.

"You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don't Take"

-Wayne Gretzky


Back Squat



30x Burpee

50x Hang Power Clean 95/65

150x Double Unders

50x SDHP 95/65

30x Burpee

-I Am Legend

Friday, August 24, 2012


As Simple As This Video May Be The Power Behind
The Message Out Weighs All Of Our Problems.
We All Struggle, We All Battle, We All Fight......
3 Rounds: "Unbroken Sets"
20x KB Swings #70 / #53
30x Wall Ball #20 / #14
*Each Set Must Be Unbroken & Take As Long As
You Need In Between Sets.
-Ring Dips
-I Am Legend

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Great Coaches Realize That Competition Is Not The
Time To Find Out Where Your Athletes' Physical &
Mental Limits Are. Training Needs To Be More
Challenging & More Demanding - Physically, Mentally,
Technically, Tatically, Emotionally, Than The
Competition Your Athletes' Are Preparing For. Great
Coaches Realize That Success Is A Moving Target
And To Stay Relevant They Must Be Committed To
Life-Long Learning, Honest Personal & Professional
Evaluation And Continuous Improvement. The Days Of
Winning By Having The "Fittest" Athletes Are Over.
Sports Are So Multi-Demensional That Winning Comes
From Being The Best In Every Aspect: Training,
Preparation, Skills, Attitude, Recovery, Gym-Training,
Sleep, Nutrition, Etc. Great Coaches Know This
And Strive To Create Winning Environments Where
A Culture Of Excellence Underpins Everything &
Everybody. Athletes Are Only Athletes For An Hour
Or Two At Most Each Day. For The Other 22-23 Hours
Each Day They Are Human Beings. Many Coaches
Concentrate On Preparing The Athlete To Perform:
The Great Coaches Prepare The Human Being To
Be All They Can Be, Then, As A Result, The Athlete
Will Perform. The Best Coaches Plan: They Plan
Meticulously And With Great Attention To Detail
But, Ultimately They Also Understand That The
Core Goal Of Every Training Session Is To Ensure
It Provides The Optimal Environment And
Opportunity For There Athletes To Prepare.
Behind The Neck Push Press
2000m Row
50x T2B
1000m Row
50x K2E
-I Am Legend

Sunday, August 12, 2012


While All Great Coaches Are Unique And
Very Special Individuals, There Are Some
Common Factors - Some Common
Championship Coaching Characteristics
That They All Share Are:
1. A Commitment To Continuous Improvement.
2. A Belief That Anything Is Possible.
3. An Understanding Of Where Your Sport Has Been,
Where It Is Now, And Most Importantly A
Vision Of Where It's Going.
4. The Confidence To Be Yourself - Be Unique.
5. The Energy To Work Hard Consistently.
6. The Strength & Courage Not To Compromise.
7. Outstanding Communication Abilities.
8. An Understanding Of Who You Are,
What You Value & What Motivates You.
9. A Passion For Winning - Desire To Be The Best.
10. The Capacity To Perservere & Persist And
Continue To Fight Hard No Matter What You Face.
Great Coaches Are Fighters. Their Commitment,
Their Desire, Their Passion And Their Self
Belief Fuels Their Capacity To Fight For What
They Believe In. They Know That No One Will
Make Their Life Easy Or Their Path To
Greatness Simple. The Revel In Politics. They
Thrive In Conflict. They Enjoy A Passionate
Argument. They Invite Intelligent Objection
Knowing That In Professional Coaching
Nothing Provides The Opportunity For Growth
Like Conflict. They Know That Nothing Worth
Having Comes Easy And That Real Friendships
And Enduring Relationships Come From
-Many Coaches Believe That Being World Class
Means Another Accreditaion, Or Another
Award, Or One More Degree.
-Some Believe Being The Best Of The Best Means
Having The Best Sports Science, The Most
Equipment, The Best Facilities Or The Most
Talented Staff.
-Others Believe It's Simply A Matter Of Good
Luck, Good Timing And Being Able To
Recruit The Best Athletes.
-For The Great Ones, Coaching Is Who They Are -
Not What They Do. It Is Their Personality, Their
Character, Their Ambition, Their Drive, Their
Passion, Their Values And Their Soul. It Is The
Air They Breathe And It Is Every Beat Of Their Heart.
#I Am A Coach
Back Squat *Low Bar
7 Minute Amrap:
Max Burpee
-I Am Legend

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The Best Habit Is The One That Helps You Complete
The Task In Hand. Concentration On The Given
Subject, At The Given Time, Is The Most Important
Habit You Must Cultivate Right Now. In The Past
Few Years, A Lot Of Researchers Have Helped Us
Understand The Simplicity Of The Methods Anyone
Can Use To Concentrate & Change Habits.
Sabine Kastner Of Princeton University's Center
For The Study Of Brain, Mind And Behavior, The
Most Normal Condition Of The Brain Is To Stay
Disorganized. The Four Most Important Activities
Anyone Can Perform To Help Improve Their
Concentration Is:
1. Get Enough Sleep
2. Work Out Every Day
3. Develop A Trigger Activity
4. Meditate
When We Meditate, We Focus. The Thoughts
That Come Up To You During Meditation Are Released
And Help You Get A Sense Of Detachment From Them.
Meditation Can Help You Extract Yourself From Those
Thoughts And Clear The Brain For Some Real Action.
Snatch Balance
Snatch Pulls
50x V-Twist (Buy In)
Dual KB Push Jerk
KB Goblet Lunges
50x V-Twist (Buy Out)
-I Am Legend

Monday, August 6, 2012


Are You Having Trouble Coping With Any Of Life's
Difficult, Stressful, And Negative Experiences?
You Can Effectively Counteract Negation Emotions
By Noticing Something You Are Grateful For.
Tons Of Studies Have Shown That A Conscious
Focus On Your Blessings Can Have An Immediate
Emotional Benefit And Can Help Reduce Your Feelings
Of Stress And Increase Your Level Of Happiness.
Why Does Focusing On Gratitude Make Us Happier?
It Reminds Us Of The Positive Things In Our Lives.
When We Recognize The Positive Things, We Are
Reminded Of What Is Truly Important And We Can
Look At Our Problems With A Different Perspective.
What Are You Grateful For? If Nothing Comes To Mind,
It Is Time To Refocus Your Attention. Even The Most
Beautiful Sight Can Be Taken For Granted When You
See It Everyday, Just As The Blessings Of Good Health,
Close Relationships, And Comfortable Shelter
Commonly Go Unnoticed And Un-Appreciated.
As A Part Of Your Gratitude Practice, Be Sure To
Friend Yourself And Express Gratitude To Yourself
For Your Efforts, Traits, Talents, And Accomplishments.
Strengthen The Bonds With Those In Your Life By
Moving Beyond Your Inward Feelings Of Gratitude
And By Verbally Expressing Gratitude To Them.
Hang Power Clean
12 Minute AMRAP
8x KB Power Snatch (Each Arm)
8x One Arm KB Thrusters (Each Arm)
200m Sprint
-I Am Legend

Monday, July 16, 2012


Albert Einstein's Was Estimated At 160, Madonna's
Is 140, And John F. Kennedy's Was Only 119, But
As It Turn's Out, Your IQ Score Pales In Comparison
With Your EQ, MQ, And BQ Score's When It
Comes To Predicting Your Success And Professional
Achievement. IQ Tests Are Used As An Indicator
Of Logical Reasoning Ability And Technical
Intelligence. A High IQ Is Often Prerequisite For
Rising To The Top Of All Business Today. It
Is Necessary, But It Is Not Adequate To Predict
Executive Competence And Corporate Success.
By Itself, A High IQ Does Not Guarantee That You
Will Stand Out And Rise Above The Rest.
Imagination As Well Has A Huge Factor In
Success! Intelligence Is Wonderful, But If
You Are Unable To Think "Outside The Box"
All That Intelligence Has Potential To Be
Wasted. Use Your Imagination Often
And BELIEVE In Your Vision #UGL

1 1/4 Front Squats

20x Hang Power Cleans 135/95
200m Run
20x Deadlifts
200m Run
20x Thrusters
200m Run
20x Front Squats

-I Am Legend

Sunday, July 8, 2012


In A World Where Stress, Strain, Rush &

Restlessness Abound, Peace Of Mind Is Of

Paramount Importance. It Is A Treasure That

Everyone Desires, But Only Very Few Know

How To Gain It, And Even Fewer Really Do

Something To Get It. With All The Advancement

Of Science, No Remedy Has Yet Been Found

For Lack Of Inner Peace. Often, Even When

Being In Good Financial Condition And In

Good Health, People Have No Peace Of

Mind, Which Only Proves That Peace Of

Does Not Depend On External Conditions

Or On Any Scientific Or Technical Progress.

The Solution Has To Come From Within.

It Is Not Always Possible To Change External

Conditions, But You Can Certainly Change

Your Inner Attitude And Learn To Stop

Allowing Outside Influences Affect Your
Moods & States Of Mind.


Speed/Skill Drills

Tabata Banded Sprints

Agility Ladder


5 Rounds:

8x Back Squat #115/#75

16x KB Swings 53/35

-I Am Legend

Sunday, July 1, 2012


We All Want To Be Wealthy.

Everyone Wants To Have A Comfortable

Life With Good Health & Material

Wealth. But Wanting To Be Wealthy

Always Raises A Question "HOW?"

A Lot Would Say You Need To Start A

Business, Start Working Hard, And

Start Acquiring Assets Instead Of

Liabilities. And Most Of Those Who Do

So Fail In The Long Run. Why? It's

Because They Failed To Start With A

Wealthy Mindset. Being Wealthy Starts

In The Mind And If You Are Not Mentally

Prepared To Be Rich Then You Never

Will Be. If You Want To BE Rich You

Have To THINK Rich!






Power Clean #135 / #95

Pull Ups

-I Am Legend

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


"May The Bridges I Burn Light The Way"
Eliminate Your Possiblility To Retreat And
Force YourSelf To Move Forward. Burn The
Bridges Behind You And Begin The New
Chapter In Your Life. Sometimes It Is
Necessary To Burn The Bridges Behind You,
So That You Do Not Get Tempted To Go Back To
Your Old Secure & Comfortable Routine. If You
Want A Change In Your Life, Perhaps You Seek
New Adventures & Challenges That Require A
Total Renewal Of Your Daily Schedule, Then You
Have To Let Go Of Some Parts Of The Past. If You
Are Determined To Change Something In Your
Life You Have To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Even Though It Does Not Feel As Safe &
Secure As What You Are Used To. It Takes
Time To Get Used To Changes, But As Long
As You Hang In There, After A While You Will
Get Customed To It, And It Will Become A
Natural Part Of Your Life. So When We Start
Your Journey Towards A New & Improved
Lifestyle, We Have To Go All The Way! We
Must Not Retreat To Our Old Life Therefore
It Is Necessary That We Burn The Bridges
Behind Us. If We Are Constantly Moving Back
& Forth And Can't Really Decide If We Are
Able To Complete The Task, We Will Never Reach
Our Goal!
Elevated Deadlifts
5 Rounds:
6x TGU #44 / #26
12x Push Ups
18x Air Squats

Sunday, June 24, 2012


The Olympics Are A Platform For Athletes
To Shine, And To Inspire People Around The World.
Audiences Marvel At How A Singular Person,
Whether Competing By Themselves Or On A
Team, Can Push Themselves To Their Absolute
Limit To Win, Overcome Others And Themselves
To Bring A Medal Home For Their Nation. These
Olympians Become Beacons Of Inspiration, And
Are Looked Up To As Role Models By The Young
Ones Around Us Who Probably Think "Why
Can't I Do That?" From Running, Swimming,
Lifting Weights, Skating, Etc... There Always
Is Going To Be An Athlete That Takes Your
Breath Away With Their Talent And Skill.
2012 Olympics Live In London

Max Effort Method
3 Rounds:
Max Rep Push Press #75 / #45
*Rest 45 Sec Between Sets
Rest 3 Minutes
3 Rounds:
Max Rep Front Squat #95 / #65

10 Rounds:
1x Muscle Up Or (3x C2B 3x Dip)
1x Deadlift #315 / #205
1x Back Squat #185 / #125
1x Squat Clean & Jerk #155 / #115

-I Am Legend

Monday, June 11, 2012


Seeing Is Believing... I Remember In Photojournalism
Our Teacher Said "An Image Or Picture Can Be So
Powerful That It Can Change The World!" It's Not The
Image Themselves That Changes The World, But
Those Images Have Provoked Reactions In People,
And Those Reactions Have Caused Change To Happen.
An Image Can Have A Profound Impact On Our Mind
And Can Change Our Perception On Certain Issues
And How We View Things Around Us. A Good
Picture Tells A Visual Narrative - It Tells A Story!
One Single Photograph Has The Ability To Convey
Emotion, Mood, Narrative, Ideas And Messages -
All Our Which Important Factors Of Storytelling.
Whether It's A Picture Of Grandma's House That
Reminds You Of Family Get Togethers, A Photo
Of Childhood That Brings Back A Certain Memory,
Or A Picture Of One Who May Have Passed On
Whom You Were Very Close Too.... Take A
Second To Remember The Story That Comes
With The Image You See. Treat Everyday As
If It Were Later Going To Be A Great Memory,
And whether you take a picture with your new
IPhone, Digital Camera, Or Simply With You
Mind Always Remember The Story That Comes
With It.
Push Press *Heavy
500m Row
20x KB Push Press #35 / #18
400m Row
20x KB Push Press
300m Row
20x KB Push Press
200m Row
20x KB Push Press
100m Row
-I Am Legend

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Out Of My Element, Beyond My Comfort Zone,
And Very Far From Home. I Found CrossFit In
A Small Garage In My Apartment Complex In
June Of 2009. Carl Edwards (In Picture Above)
And Justin Stidham Had Just Affiliated With
CrossFit HQ And Opened CrossFit Point Break.
There Were Many Days Where I Wanted To Quit,
Find Another Workout, And Be Done With This New
Program Known As CrossFit. It Was A Mixture
Between The Failures & Short Comings That Kept
Me Coming Back. Weird Right? You Would Think
That Failing At Something Time & Time Again
Would Push You Away, But It Was The Failure
That Drove Me To Get Better One Day At A Time.
One Push Up, One Burpee, One Air Squat,
One Box Jump At A Time Was All I Focused On.
Now June 2012 I Celebrate 3 Years Of CrossFit.
I Can't Name Everyone But I Am So Thankful &
Blessed To Have Met The People I Have And The
Support From The Community Has Been Unreal.
Thanks Justin Stidham & Carl Edwards For
Bringing Me In And Literally Changing My Life
With A Program That Is World Wide Now.......

Clean & Jerk

15 Min Amrap:
200m Run
15x Wall Ball
15x Push Ups

-I Am Legend


March Ever Onwards, Friends
Keep Our Pace Together
We Never Break Our Stride
For Behind Us Blazes Wildfire
Overhead Roars The Storm
Never Can We Falter
Never Shall We Fall
-From The Notes Of An Unknown Soldier "Doomsday 1944"

Back Squat
10x @ 55%
10x @65%
10x @75%

Deadlift #225 / #155

-I Am Legend

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Ever Have One Of Those Tough As Hell Weeks Where It
Feels Like The World Is Unloading Both Barrels At You -
Where Things Fly At You At Such An Unrelenting Speed
That You Feel Like Life Is Pushing Your Limits Simply
To See Where Your Breaking Point Is? Where The
Pressure Is On, The Sleep Is Never Restful, And You
Find Yourself Boiling Up With Frustration About Your
Job, Relationship, Your Endurance, Your Strength,
Your Attitude, And It Seems Like At Any Moment Life
Is About To Break You? I'll Never Forget In My Very
First CrossFit Competition In 2010. It Was My First
Time To Compete & I Chose The Rx' Division. 1st WOD
Of The Day Involved Squat Cleans At A Semi Heavy
Weight. I Made It To My Last Round Of 5x Squat Cleans
And I Hit The First 2 Pretty Rough. For The Next 5
Minutes What Was Only 11 Atempts (Felt Like 100)
I Was Never Able To Stand Back Up With The #185.
Time Ran Out And For My First Competition, The
First WOD I Had To Write DNF (Did Not Finish)
By My Name. Defeat Sounded Nice Compared To
How I Was Feeling. You See, I Think We Feel Like
Crap Because We Imagine That Life Does Things
To Us, That Bad Situations Make Us Feel Bad. You
Learn From Experience That It Doesn't Have To Be
That Way - I'm Sure You've Been In Plenty Of
Situations That Sucked Where You Have Been
The Voice Of Reason - The One Who Was Able To
Stay In A Constructive Mood When Everyone Else
Wasn't. You Have The Power To Change Things -
To Stop Feeding The Draining Feelings And To
Start Feeding The Feelings That Will Help You
Get Out Of That Rut So You Can Be The Person
You Know You're Capable Of Being!!!
Back Squat *Low Bar
500m Row
KB Swing #70 / #53
Wall Ball #20 / #16
500m Row

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


What Comes To Mind When You Here The Word Family?
Family Is Who You Protect, Sacrafice, & Love
Unconditionaly Right? Recently A Guy Who You May
Know As Prince Andrew Was Reported As Saying
"I Believe Fundamentally That The Family Is The Most
Important Thing In Life". And This Belief Probably Holds
True For Most People, But Like The Diet We Have
Every Intention On Going On, Or The Cigarettes We
Have Every Intention On Giving Up, We Just Don't
Get Around To It Until It's Just Too Late. It's
Usually The Same With Family. Do We Grab The
Moment Now, Savour Our Time With Our Family,
Or Wait Until Everyone Is Grown And Caught Up
In Their Own Lives? The First Thing That Comes
To Mind When I Think Of My Family Is My Uncle
Danny Lena. Not That I Love Him Any More Than
My Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Or Anyone Else.
I Lived With My Uncle For A Short Period When I Was
About 19 Years Old. He Basically Gave Me The
Blueprint On How To Become A Man & How
Important It Was To Love And Protect Your Family.
Be Thankful That You Have People Who Love You
& Always Remember That Friends Come & Go, But
Everything Starts And Ends With Family!!
Snatch Grip Deadlift
Snatch Balance
1 Mile Run
50x Pull Ups
25x HSPU
50x Double Unders
25x Push Ups
50x Air Squats
25x ABMAT Sit Ups