Monday, June 11, 2012


Seeing Is Believing... I Remember In Photojournalism
Our Teacher Said "An Image Or Picture Can Be So
Powerful That It Can Change The World!" It's Not The
Image Themselves That Changes The World, But
Those Images Have Provoked Reactions In People,
And Those Reactions Have Caused Change To Happen.
An Image Can Have A Profound Impact On Our Mind
And Can Change Our Perception On Certain Issues
And How We View Things Around Us. A Good
Picture Tells A Visual Narrative - It Tells A Story!
One Single Photograph Has The Ability To Convey
Emotion, Mood, Narrative, Ideas And Messages -
All Our Which Important Factors Of Storytelling.
Whether It's A Picture Of Grandma's House That
Reminds You Of Family Get Togethers, A Photo
Of Childhood That Brings Back A Certain Memory,
Or A Picture Of One Who May Have Passed On
Whom You Were Very Close Too.... Take A
Second To Remember The Story That Comes
With The Image You See. Treat Everyday As
If It Were Later Going To Be A Great Memory,
And whether you take a picture with your new
IPhone, Digital Camera, Or Simply With You
Mind Always Remember The Story That Comes
With It.
Push Press *Heavy
500m Row
20x KB Push Press #35 / #18
400m Row
20x KB Push Press
300m Row
20x KB Push Press
200m Row
20x KB Push Press
100m Row
-I Am Legend

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