What "Underground Legends" Really Means:

We all have the inner ability to become legendary. Regardless of your job title, your financial status, your past, how big, small, short or tall you are, you can lead a lifestyle which promotes positive energy and endless possibilities.

I created “Underground Legends” for one reason, and that is to foster and promote positive change in myself and others. If you will allow me, I can show you paths to positive change and hope though you may think it is too late and that all opportunities have passed by you.  
Being “underground” was a feeling of being unknown. I wanted to change in a way that would make me “known” for motivating and inspiring others, to give hope to those who lost all faith in better days. From that point, I knew my life’s purpose was to share a method and message of personal and physical strength.

Once a gang member with little to no future, I made a choice. It took years to overcome personal demons and life-battles, to change and grow as a man.  Some said I could not do it. Some said I would always be known as a gang member. It was those who did not have faith in me who actually pushed me to reach out to so many others showing them this evolution of change was possible. 

Every day we have an opportunity to be better than yesterday. To become “legendary” can start today and is a journey of a life time of growth. To become “legendary” also means to be strong, to be prepared, to progress on your own personal journey of being prepared mentally, spiritually and physically for all things. No matter where you are in your life, you will begin to unveil your own legendary path as you gain physical and mental strength. A fit mind within a fit body is a powerful weapon against negative forces. A legend never dies, and I want to share “Underground Legends” so that my testimony and metamorphosis will always and forever be a guide and source of hope and help for others. 

Website Info: www.iamlegendcrossfit.blogspot.com
Gym: CrossFit North Houston
Proud Owner and Founder Of Underground Legends
-David Tyner


There Is A Firm And Immediate Relationship Between Risk And Reward. If You
Don't Eventually Take A Risk... There Will Never Be A Reward. I Joined A CrossFit Box
North Of Houston Back In March Of 2009. I Was 36 Years Old, A Husband, And A Father
Of 3 That Was Looking To Keep My Body In Shape. I Can't Tell You What The 1st WOD
Was That I Ever Did At The "Box", But I Can Tell You About The One Defining Thing
That I Will Never Forget. It Involved This Tall, Tatttooed, Very Fit Young Man Named
David Tyner. Which Later I Would Call Coach Mostly Out Of Love And Respect For The
Man. During My 1st WOD  David Didn't Know Me, But That Didn't Matter... He Was In
My FACE, Telling Me To "Breathe, You Got This!" This Was A Relationship That Would
Develop Over The Course Of The Next Year. David Would NEVER Allow Me To Let My
AGE Hold Me Back. Everyday I Would Walk Into The "Box" The First Words Out Of My
Coach/Friends Mouth Were... "Mr. Blaker, How Are You Today?" "Today We Will Be
Better Than Yesterday!" Not Only Did David Teach Me The Fundamentals Of Functional
Movements, He Tapped Into My Mind To Help Me Realize That It Would Be The Only
Thing To Help Or Hold Me Back From Succeeding In All My Goals. He Also Tapped Into
My Heart.. He Truly Cared If I Succeeded, As He Shared In My Triumphs, And He Also
Cared If I Failed, As He Shared & Wept With Me In My Defeats. David Tyner Is 10 Yrs
Younger Than Me (On This Earth) But The Man Is Wise Beyond His Years. Thank You
David. Thank You For Being My Coach. I Am A Stronger Man/Person Physically And
Mentally From Having Known You My Friend.

-Alvin Blaker
Service Manager At Honda Of Katy


I joined CrossFit North Houston in November of 2012, and after the first class I was hooked. When I originally heard about CrossFit It sounded like exactly what I needed in order to reach my fitness goals to feel and look better . Since starting CrossFit I have become stronger and increased my endurance. Coach David Tyner has been so positive and supportive. As long as I pushed myself he has encouraged me to push harder. He believed in me which helped me to believe in myself and that I am capable of doing anything. To this day it is still the same and I am forever grateful. I have also gained some wonderful friends that helped me on the way. Seeing each other getting stronger and motivate each other when giving up is what a team is all about. I love CrossFit and every coach that has helped me get through my WOD of the day.

-Vickie Molina Anzaldua
Hairstylist at Shag Spa and Salon


What’s up D. This is my heart on a page bro. I hope this helps whatever you all are trying to do! Peace…..
What can I say about CrossFit North Houston? I stumbled upon the Crossfit movement about two years ago. Having battled weight and self-esteem issues all throughout my childhood and adult life I was searching for something to be a part of, a community. I found that community at Crossfit Noho. Being a woman of color and completely out of shape I must say that I was apprehensive about fitting in. Would I be accepted? Is there going to be anyone there that looked like me? I was welcomed with open arms from day one. Josh Allgood assured me that there is no judging at Noho and that ALL athletes are treated the same, regardless of fitness level.

The next encounter I had at NoHo would change my life forever, Coach David Tyner…. enough said. Coach David has been a constant motivator, life-coach and true friend. Even during my bouts of inconsistency and self-doubt he has taken the time to reach out to me. “My porch light is always on for ya V!” Those words have kept me going for close to three years now. I recently faced a serious health challenge that I thought I would not recover from. Coach David was a friend the entire journey and gave me the courage to “get back on the horse.”  I love you, bro…. I don’t say shit like that often but I gotta keep real!

CrossFit NoHo has taught me to look in the mirror and accept what I see
and if I don’t like what I see, CHANGE IT! I think the correct term is
"NoBitchAssness"…..The community at NoHo is like none other. I hope and
wish this box, MY BOX all the best!

What we do in life echoes in ETERNITY!!!

-Valencia Mayes
Member since 2012


12 months ago, with uncertainty and fear, I signed on the "dotted line" to commit myself to a full year of CrossFit. At that very moment in life, I was living in a  world-wind of uncertainty and extremely unhappy with my self appearance. So, in turn I figured why not find something to "try" and divert me from the unhappy path I was on in life. At that very moment I didn't fully comprehend what I just committed myself too or to what degree of physical and mental challenges were in store for me; I just knew I had to try something different, challenging, and fun. I remember so clearly the morning of my first CrossFit class...I was pumped, excited yet insecure as I weighed myself, and realized that "over night" I went from being a college athlete weighing roughly 170lbs, to weighing 258lbs. Immediately I panicked, knowing I was going to be walking into a class of CrossFitters, who were completely opposite of me.... skinny, muscular, and confident in themselves and maybe unwelcoming to any outsiders, especially someone so "fat."  I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO WRONG IN MY LIFE...  I was welcomed with friendly, yet stern coaches who were committed to teaching proper form and technique, who never hesitated to answer any of my questions, and gave me continuous reassurance that "You will get it." Coach Solvi gave me the confidence I needed to keep going, and the comfort I seek of knowing that she was there to help..   My first month was hard, and emotionally overwhelming yet very rewarding and satisfying. One day Coach David, posted a picture that said "It's all about the mindset." And till this day I stick to that quote... CrossFit has pushed me to find myself, and discover my physical/mental strengths, and weaknesses. I admit, still l walk into the box, look at the work out and think to myself...there is NO WAY I can do that... but the truth is..I CAN...once again "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MINDSET..." CrossFit has given me the confidence I needed to believe I can accomplish and overcome anything no matter if it's during a WOD, at work, or in my personal life. I've been given the strength and confidence I needed to believe in myself...by simple pushing myself at the box.  Honestly, when I started CrossFit my intentions weren't to lose tons of weight, or maybe it was the mindset I had about myself;  that I didn't have what it took to lose the weight. My ultimate goal was to be happier, healthier and have something new and different to do in life. Many may say my success story comes from my weight loss; as of today I weigh in at 177. I will be the first to admit, I'm not a fitness guru that goes and works out everyday, but when I do, I GIVE IT MY ALL. I'm just like everyone else, I enjoy attending happy hours, and I most certainly enjoy eating mexican food...yet, once you start seeing results through the CrossFit WODs it's easy to focus on YOUR GOALS and prioritize whats important. I have found, that you are given the keys of success through Coach David's programming, and it's up to you to commit, unlock the doors, and decide what your going to do once you step through the doors of NOHO.   I believe because of CrossFit at NOHO, I have grown and mature in many aspects of health, wellness, fitness, strength and dedication. Most importantly I have  learned the true meaning of "COMMITMENT."  Not only have I gained personal empowerment, but amazing friendships, and personal bonds with individuals who are there to support me, and motivate me, as we all grow stronger together. Its coaches like Nick, and Solvi, that motivate me to show up each day, (I swear those two make me work hard, yet smile and laugh all within one hour, its awesome!!!) Coach David's programming of the WODs, along with Coach Nick and Coach Solvi ' s commitment to my performance, including my personal satisfaction of improved physical health and overall wellness lead me to commit myself once again to the madness that has changed my life and I couldn't be happier.   

-Sierra Liles 
TIRR Memorial Herman