My Training (Elite)

September 28, 2011
A1. Back Squat

A2. Conditioning
"Grace" @Half Weight

A3. Progression Work
Rope Climbs @20 Minutes

September 21, 2011
A1. Bench Press

A2. Progression Work
1x Squat Clean On The Min For 15 Minutes

A3. Conditioning
2 Rounds Max KB Swings @2 Minutes

September 20, 2011
A1. Strength
Front Squat

A2. Conditioning
15 Minute AMRAP
10x Wall Ball #20
200m Sprint

September 19, 2011
A1. Strength
Power Snatch

A2. Conditioning
Double Under / Abmat Sit Ups

A3. Skills Practice
2 Rounds Max HSPU

September 17, 2011
"Fall Brewers Competition"

A1. RAW Athlete WOD
100yd Bear Crawl
6x Atlas Stone #135 *Ground To Shoulder
40m Prowler Relay #95

A2. "Bear Complex"
30x Double Unders
14x Bear Complex #95
10x Burpee
20x Sit Ups

September 15, 2011
A1. Prep For Competition
800m Run
100x Double Unders
Atlas Stone Practice
Bear Crawl Practice
Bear Complex With Barbell

September 14, 2011
A1. Back Squat

A2. Conditioning
5 Rounds
60m Farmer Carry #70 Dual KB
10x Wall Ball #20
10x Hang Power Clean #115
60m Farmer Carry
*Only Perform Farmer Carry Before 1st Rd & After 5th Rd

September 12, 2011
A1. Clean & Jerk
1x1x1x1x1x1x1 *Hold At Top Position 5 Seconds

A2. Skills Practice
75x GHD Sit Ups
75x GHD Back Extensions

September 11, 2011
A1. "9-11 Throwdown"
2001m Run
11x Box Jumps
11x Thrusters #115
11x Burpee Pull Ups
11x Power Cleans #175
11x HSPU
11x KB Swings #70
11x Deadlifts #175
11x Toes 2 Bar
11x Push Jerk #115
2001m Run

September 9, 2011
A1. Front Squat
Rack Jerk

A2. Bear Complex
15x Reps *As Fast As Possible #95

A3. Skills Practice
Partner Sit Ups
Double Unders

September 8, 2011
A1. Power Cleans

A2. Conditioning
200m Repeats @30 Minutes With 30 Seconds Rest

September 7, 2011
A1. Partner WOD W/ Francesca
25x Burpee W/ Med Ball
50x Wall Ball #20
100x Power Cleans #115
150x Deadlifts #115
200x Double Unders

September 6, 2011
A1. Back Squat *Heavy
Push Press

A2. Skills Practice
50x GHD Back Extensions
10 Minutes Of D.Under Work

September 5, 2011
A1. Full Snatch *Strength

A2. Conditioning
3 Rounds:
1x Power Snatch
2x OHS
3x Power Clean
4x Front Squat
5x Push Jerk
400m Run

September 2, 2011

A2. Skills Practice
30x Muscle Ups

August 31, 2011
A1. Sumo Deadlift

A2. Skills Practice
10x 20ft Rope Climbs
20x Unbroken D.Unders Between Each Climb

A3. Conditioning
4 Rounds Of 3 Minute Amraps
3x Power Clean
6x Push Press
9x Toes 2 Bar

A4. Extra Practice
Max Strict HSPU
200 D.Unders For Time

August 30, 2011
A1. Clean & Jerk

A2. Skill Practice
3x HSPU *Hold Last One For As Long As Possible

A3. Conditioning
10 Minute Amrap
5x Pull Ups
10x 1 Arm KB Snatch #53
15x Abmat Sit Ups

August 29, 2011
A1. Front Squat

A2. Skill Progresssion
Full Snatch:
3x #95
3x #115
10x #135

August 27, 2011
A1. Back Stability
4x8 Bent Over Rows #155
4x8 T-Bar #3 Plates @45lbs
4x8 Dun Bell Row #70

A2. Tricep Strength
4x12 Weighted Dips
4x12 Single DB Raises
4x12 Close Grip Bench

August 26, 2011
A1. Bench Press

A2. Conditioning
4 Rounds Of:
3x Muscle Ups
6x D.Lifts #315
25x Double Unders

August 25, 2011
A1. Back Squat

A2. Max Effort Hang Clean

A3. Conditioning
7 Minute AMRAP
10x KB Swings
5x 30' Box Jumps
5x Burpee

August 23, 2011
Black Box S&C Ft. Worth Training

A1. Snatch Progression
3x 20 KG
3x 30 KG
3x 40 KG

A2. Hang Snatch
10x Controlled Reps @ 30 KG *Focused On Pocket & Hip Power

A3. Snatch Grip Deadlift *Double Ups
3x 30 KG
3x 50 KG
*Total Of 4 Reps Per Set *Knee Twice *Pocket Twice

August 22, 2011
A1. Gymnastic Total
-Max Hold Chin Over Bar
-Max Hold Ring Dip *Top Position
-Hand Stand Hold

A2. 6 Rounds Of:
10x 30' Box Jumps *Up & Over
10x OH Lunges #45
10x Up & Overs
30x D.Unders

August 20, 2011
A1. Deadlift

A2. Run 5 K

August 18, 2011
A1. As A Strength
Back Squat #225
C2B Pull Ups

August 17, 2011
A1. Push Press
*On Your 1 Rep / Max Out As Many Unbroken As You Can.

-Abmat Sit Ups
-Push Ups
-Air Squats
-Pull Ups

August 16, 2011
A1. Amrap 12 Min
15x Front Squat #155
2x Straight Bar Muscle Ups
30x Toes 2 Bar
30x Wall Ball #20
30x Push Ups

August 14, 2011
A1. AMRAP 6 Minutes
Thruster #95 / KB Swing #70

A2. AMRAP 5 Minutes
30x Double Unders
20x Box Jumps 30"

A3. 10 Minute Clock
1x Snatch On The Minute Every Minute

August 13, 2011
A1. Track Day
20x Bleachers For Time
10x 40yd Sprints @Max Effort *3 Minute Rest Between Sprints
5x 100yd Sprints @75% Effort *2 Minute Rest Between Sprints

August 12, 2011
A1. Chipper
10x HSPU
20x Wall Ball #20
30x Toes 2 Bar
40x Power Cleans #135
50x Plate Burpees
60x SDHP #75

A2. Strength Progression
10 Minute Running Clock
2x Power Cleans On The Minute
*Progress In Weight *I Finished With #225

August 10, 2011
A1. 5 Rounds:
Air Dyne Bike 20 Calories
15x GHR
10x Strict Press #95

A2. Skills Practice
Reverse Band Bench Press 1RM
15x Straight Bar Muscle Ups

A3. 5 Rounds:
5x Power Cleans #185
5x Bench Press #185

August 9, 2011
A1. 20 Minute Running Clock
1x Full Snatch #135
1x Muscle Up
*Progress In Each Movement By 1 Rep Until 20 Minute Cap

A2. 3 Rounds
250m Row
10x Burpees
5x Front Squat #185

August 8, 2011
Power Clean #155
Pull Ups *Any Style

A2. 5 Rounds
10x KB Swings #70
11x Box Jumps
10x Push Jerk #115
11x Box Jumps