Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Favor In Forgiveness

Forgiveness Is Hard. Sometimes The Thought Alone
Can Stir Up Emotions From All Directions. 
Forgiveness Is A Decision, A Choice. It's A Deep
Personal & Spiritual Transaction In Which You
Choose To Let Go. Someone Once Said
"If You're Always Trying To Get Even, You'll
Never Get Ahead." I Believe That To The
Fullest Degree. Will You Feel Better
Immediately After Forgiving? Maybe. But Don't
Expect All Of Those Feelings To Go Away 
Instantly. Thomas Fuller said, "He That Cannot 
Forgive Breaks The Bridge Over Which He Must
Pass Himself, For Every Person Has The 
Need To Be Forgiven." 

Bench Press
5x10 (warm up 10-10)

3 Rounds:
30x Box Jumps
20x Push Press
10x Chest 2 Bar

-I Am Legend

Friday, October 7, 2016


Have You Ever Really Sat Down And Asked Yourself
If You Are Ready For Success? And Believe It Or
Not, But There Is No Such Thing As "Overnight Success"
Like Some People Claim. Achieving Success Involves
A Process Of Being Able To Endure Challenges, And
Being Able To Prevail. Discipline Is Being Essential In
Becoming Successful. Chances Are That Some Where
Along The Journey You May Become Weary, And 
Proper Discipline Will Help You Fight Against The
Stress That Comes With The Road To Success. 
Being Able To Take Criticism & Scrutiny Is Major
As Well. People Will Definitely Criticize You At
Some Point Or Another For Something That
You Are Doing. The Soft At Heart Will Have A 
Hard Time Picking The Pieces Up When Faced
With Rejection, Failure, Or Criticism. If You
Are Disciplined, And Focused Then You Will
Be Able To Bounce Back. And Believe Me When
I Tell You That Bouncing Back Will Have To 
Happen More Than Once Throughout The 
Journey To Success. Failures In Hindsight Are
Always The Things That Were Needed To Help
You Become Wiser In Almost Anything You Ever 
Do In Through Life. The Struggle And Trials
We Go Through Are All A Part Of It, But
It's How We Hustle And Grind Through That 
Determines Whether Or Not We Ever See 
That Change That We're Searching For. 


Tuesday, September 20, 2016


When Individuals Do The Same Thing Every Single Day, 
It Is All Too Easy To Fall Into A Slump. The Same Ole
Thing Day In And Day Out Will Eventually Start To 
Aggravate The Most Optimistic Person. One Of The
Reasons That People Wind Up In A Slump In The First 
Place Is That They Are Doing The Same Thing Every Day
All Day. It Can Get Boring, And It Can Suck The Life 
Right Out Of A Person, Effectively Killing Their Spirit. 
Whether It Is A Small Break Like Breakfast For Dinner, 
Or A Big Break, Like A Vacation On A Tropical Island, 
It May Be Just What The Spirit Needs. Every Person Needs
A Little Bit Of Nurturing Once In A While. 
Close The Laptop, Turn Off The Cell Phone, And Enjoy
Yourself. Whether It Is A Massage, A Day At The Spa,
Shopping Spree, Or Even Just A Nice Walk. Everyone
Deserves A Treat Every Once In A While, And It Will
Keep The Spirits High. I Have Found That Helping Other
People Instantly Makes Me Feel Better. When You Help
Brighten Someone Else's Day It Often Brightens Your
Own Day In Return. It Could Be Something As Simple As
Buying Someone A Meal In Need, Or It Could Be 
Something On A Larger Scale. Simple Acts Of Kindness 
Can Get Anyone Started Down The Path To Being Out
Of A Slump And Feeling Better Than Ever Before. 
Don't Ever Settle For The Same Old Same Old!!


Sunday, November 29, 2015


Sometimes the most simple times of life can be the best
of times. If you look at a child and the simple things that
make their world the happiest it can be, its done by simple things.
Jumping rope, playing ball, riding a bike, or climbing a tree 
brings about fun and laughter. They live in a life of simplicity.
As adults we complicate things by the need to have more or the
latest thing available to us. Some people judge their life by
the title they have, the money they make, or the material 
possessions that they own. While there are others who don't
judge their life at all, they just live it one moment at a time
soaking in every single moment. No one is guaranteed the next
moment in life. A person can have the smallest space and still
be creative. A person doesn't have to have the finest of
vehicles to get where they're going. We tend to think the more
we have and the bigger we have will bring us more 
happiness. It might, momentarily. True happiness comes
from within. Each day is a celebration of being alive. 
Life is a gift, not to be taken lightly. Each life and each
day we are given is a blessing. Every moment is a blessing.
Don't waste it on trivial things. The beautiful thing
about life is we are all the same. We all bleed the same, we 
all have emotions, and we all share space on this vast world.
I might not know someone by name, but I assure you that 
that person feels joy, pain, and all the other emotions
that I do. Remember to live each day with gratitude for
all the blessings you have and all the people that you 
are blessed with in your life. 

Strict Press
Bench Press

4 Rounds:
400m Run
15x C2B Pull Ups
10x Power Cleans 155/105


Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Have YOU ever just known something without knowing
how or why YOU are so certain about that thing? 
Have YOU ever ignored your gut only to find YOU should
have just listened? There is a specific reason YOU are YOU.
YOU have a purpose. YOU have something to offer this
world that no one else can. Do YOU ever catch yourself
trying to be like someone else? Do YOU ever catch 
yourself trying to live up to someone else's standards
only to find out you've been ignoring what nature
has been saying all along? Be confident in knowing
your interests interest YOU for a reason. That when YOU 
follow your passions YOU give yourself the best 
opportunity to reach your full potential. YOU do 
have something great to offer that takes a little
self-investigation to determine what exactly
that is. So start seeing yourself for the valuable
asset YOU are. Remember that YOU must put forth
the time and effort to become the person YOU want
to be and live the life of your dreams. YOU owe
it to yourself to push to be the best YOU possible.


Deadlift 225/155
Bar Facing Burpee


Thursday, November 12, 2015


Hopes and dreams are a big part of progress in this world.
The biggest success stories of the richest people on the
planet started with someone thinking, hoping, and dreaming.
Then it generally took a lot of hard work, of course,
but that was after the hopes and dreams took hold. People
in any kind of business, or for life in general need to keep
their hopes and dreams alive in order to be productive
and successful. It is not easy for most people to persue
their hopes and dreams with the passion necessary to
become wildly successful. There are too many obstacles
which come into every person's life to bring an abrupt
end to those aspirations, which seemed so attainable 
in one's. It is not simple to bring an idea to a 
successful end. It is easy to become discouraged
and depressed about a situation when things are not
going well. It may be difficult to hold on to hopes 
and dreams a person has instilled into his/her
own mind and thinking. It is important to keep 
hoping and dreaming no matter how dismal the
present may be and the future may appear. 
Nothing is achieved or accomplished without first
being a thought in the mind of a person. 
Don't abandon your hopes and dreams. They are
necessary for your success and happiness!

Back Squat
Good Mornings

3 Rounds:
400m Run
21x C2B Pull Ups
7x Front Squats 185/125


Sunday, September 28, 2014


10 Years Ago I Thought Success Was Having A Lot Of Money,
Cars, Houses, Etc. I Grew Up Thinking People Who Had Lots
Of Money Were Successful And Happy. My Obsession Then, To
Make A Lot Of Money So That I Can Lead A Successful And 
Happy Life. I Have Come To Understand That Success Is Not In
The Amount Of Wealth Or Property You Have Amassed. So Many
People Today Are In This Error Of What Success Is. Having Lots
Of Money, Houses, Cars, Etc Is A Good Thing But It Is Just An 
Aspect Of Success. On The Other Side, You May Not Even Have
A Dime In Your Bank Account And Yet You Are Successful. 
So Many People Go Through Life Without Really Having A 
Blueprint Of What They Want, What They Want To Achieve. 
You Need To Ask Yourself What It Is You Want To Achieve.
What It Is That Will Make You Feel Most Joyous, Most Alive?
Stop Worrying About What Other's Expect Of You, Or
What People Will Think When You Create Your Own 
Definition Of Success. The Biggest Mistake You Can 
Make Is To Make Someone Else's Success Your Target.
Success Is A Personal Thing And Only You Can Define Your
Meaning Of Success. It Doesn't Matter Who You Are, What 
You Have Or Don't Have, What You've Been Through, 
What You Are Going Through, Where You Come From......
You Can Pick Up From This Very Point And Succeed. 


Wednesday, September 10, 2014


There Is A Cost To Everything, And If You Make 
Deposits In Your Account Then You Are Investing In Your
Own Success. Yes, This Actually Relates To Money But More
Importantly It Relates To Every Aspect Of Your Life, Your
Career, Your Relationships, Your Hobbies, Your Education,
Your Success, Your Health & Fitness, Your Aspirations, Dreams
And Anything Else You Can Think Of.  It's Easy To See 
How You Can Have A Positive Impact On Your Life When 
You Start Making Deposits In These Accounts. Start With 
Taking A Course To Enhance Your Career. A Technical Course
Related To Your Profession Or A Soft Skills Course Applicable 
To Any Career. Invest In Your Future! Start A Fitness Plan,
Or Add To Your Fitness Plan. It Doesn't Have To Be 
Crazy, But Add To Your Activity Level. Read. Newspapers,
Books, Periodicals, Magazines, Or Online Papers. Enhance
Your Knowledge And Make Yourself More Interesting,
Volunteer. Give Back, And Devote Some Time To Others.
Reduce And Eventually Drop One Of Your "Bad Habits."
Invest Time In The Key People In Your Life. Find Ways 
To Build Those Relationships. Capture Your Ideas, And
Dreams In One Place. Take Time To Read It And Add To
It Regularly. Create A List Of All The Things Your Are 
Grateful For... The Big And The Little Things. Take
Control Of Your Time, Be As Productive As You Can Be, 
But Also Make Sure You Find Time To Do Those Things
You Enjoy. Set Goals, Set Goals, Set Goals! Goals Give
You A Direction In Life, A Roadmap To Follow, And
Means To Motivate Yourself. Once You Start Depositing
Into Those Different Accounts In Life You Will See The
Results Of Those Investments Faster Than You Think!


Thursday, August 14, 2014


Being incarcerated I have had a chance to observe myself without
distraction. Things about myself have come to the surface that I've
had the opportunity to deal with head on. In the past I've always
been a control freak with no filter who pushes every individual
that tried to help me as far away as possible. I have never been the
most expressive person, and connecting with people on an emotional
level was always very hard for me. Now I am very motivated, and
will no longer be restrained by life's circumstances in overcoming
my personal flaws. I have within me an unquenchable desire to
excel at everything that I do from here on out. One of the most
important factors includes having a loving and active role within
my family as well as my community. In the past my biggest mistake
was trying to reach perfection... For I've learned perfection
cannot be obtained by anyone. We all have human flaws. I now
realize that in spite of my limitations and character defects,
a kind of qualitative worth may still express itself. I know my
life being well lived from this point on will be a wonder to be hold.
I fully appreciate what it means to be a human being, and I
no longer mistakenly believe that I have to be perfect. Even though
I carry an enormous amount of regret for the people I have
hurt both physically and emotionally I am not fixated on the past,
nor overwhelmed by the present moment, but only focused on
focusing my energy on attaining my future. In writing these lines
I am aware of the possibilities in skepticism, but understand
that I am expressing myself, and while it may be challenging I do
intend to match deeds with words. My life will be a source of
greatness, and inspiration to others that wish to thrive in the
face of adverse conditions as I have. While thinking of future
challenges I am filled with anticipation and charged with
enthusiasm. I am full of having the will to live, to overcome,
and upon my release I am sure I will obtain new heights.
Thank you for reading what came from my heart, and
I hope all the one's who I love are doing well.
-Carl Edwards
I Am Legend

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Do You Hold Yourself Responsible For Your Actions?
When You Start Taking Responsibility For Your
Own Actions You Start To See A Change In How You
Process Information. You Find Out What Works
Best For You And What Does Not Work At All. You
Have The Power To Succeed When You Start Focusing
On What You Can Do To Make Your Life Work For
You. It Is Your Responsibility To Take The Reigns
And Make It Work Out. In Order To Be Responsible
You Have To Keep A Positive Attitude In All That You
Do. Even In Those Situations Where You Feel Nothing
Has Come From It. Always Find The Good In What
You Do No Matter What. So What, It Didn't Work The
First Or Tenth Time Around. It's Okay. You Just
Found Ten Ways Not To Do Something. Continue On
The Path Of What Will Work And Be Positive About.
You Know What Is Best For You, And Nobody Else
Will. Don't Dwell On The Negatives That You Have
Encountered As You Will Only Be Wasting Time
Trying To Figure Out Why This Happened. You
Don't Have Time For That. You Have To Keep
Moving Forward. The Less Time You Spend Trying
To Play The Blame Game And Wondering What
Should Of, Could Of, Or Would Of Happened
The Next Big Thing Will Have Already Passed You
By. Don't Let That Happen. Always Keep A Positive
Mindset Ahead Of You At All Times. Do Not Chase
The Past, When All We Have Is Our Future To
Look Forward To.
Establish A 1RM Floor Press
18 Minute AMRAP:
5x Power Clean
10x T2B

Monday, December 16, 2013


Anger Is A Normal Emotional Response That We Use
To Protect Ourselves Against Perceived Threats. Most
People Feel Angry For One Reason Or Another On A
Regular Basis, And Often That Anger Is Justified.
If You Get Treated Poorly, You Have Every Right To
Be Mad. When You Are Able To Experience Anger
And Then Move On, You Have Nothing To Worry
About. When Your Anger Tends To Take Over Your
Emotions And Controls Your Actions, You Probably
Have A Problem. Think About Your Lifestyle. If You
Build Your Life And Your Existence Around Your
Anger And The Things That Make You Mad, You
Are Setting Yourself Up For Failure. You'll Have
A Much Better Chance At Controlling Your Anger
If You Create A Life That Is Contrary To The
Negative Emotions Of Displaced Anger. Make
Your Surroundings And Your Attitude So Serene
And Peaceful That It Would Be Impossible For
Anger To Fit In. When You Are Able To Achieve
Peace & Relaxation Outside Of Yourself, Such
As In Your Home Or Your Work, You Will Be
Able To Create An Inner Peace As Well. Teach
Yourself What It Means To Capture A Surging
Emotion Then Re-Direct It Somewhere Else. You
Will Find This To Be A Very Powerful Tool In
How To Control Anger. Instead Of Acting On
How You Feel, You Will Be Able To Deal With It
Internally. You're Going To Have Temporary
Setbacks, But If You Can Recognize Them As
Setbacks And Evaluate What Went Wrong And
What You Can Do Better Next Time, Those
Disappointments Can Still Be Learning Experiences.
Sumo Deadlift 9x3
KB Swing

Thursday, December 12, 2013


One Of The Biggest Qualities Of A Great Leader Is Being
Able To Establish A Generation Of Change. Strong Leaders
Do Not Have To Put People Down, Because Their Focus Is
On Lifting People Up To Continue In Patterns Of Greatness.
Do Not Give Each Other Words Of Destruction, Or
Words That Will Only Cause Us To Tear Each Other Down.
We Have To Give Out Words That Will Build People
Up, Words Of Encouragement, And Words Of Hope.
Our Words To Each Other Should Be Like Building
Blocks, Or Like Christmas Gifts That We Hastily Desire
To Unwrap. Of Course There Will Always Be Those
Who Refuse To Be Uplifting, And Who Choose
To Argue And Fight, Instead Of Helping Each
Other Build, But We Have To Learn To Disassociate
Ourselves From These Weak Minded People. Be Strong,
Help Lift Each Other Up By Choosing Your Words
Carefully, And Carefully Choosing Words That Encourage.
Power Snatch 10x2
Double Under / Abmat Sit Ups