Tuesday, September 20, 2016


When Individuals Do The Same Thing Every Single Day, 
It Is All Too Easy To Fall Into A Slump. The Same Ole
Thing Day In And Day Out Will Eventually Start To 
Aggravate The Most Optimistic Person. One Of The
Reasons That People Wind Up In A Slump In The First 
Place Is That They Are Doing The Same Thing Every Day
All Day. It Can Get Boring, And It Can Suck The Life 
Right Out Of A Person, Effectively Killing Their Spirit. 
Whether It Is A Small Break Like Breakfast For Dinner, 
Or A Big Break, Like A Vacation On A Tropical Island, 
It May Be Just What The Spirit Needs. Every Person Needs
A Little Bit Of Nurturing Once In A While. 
Close The Laptop, Turn Off The Cell Phone, And Enjoy
Yourself. Whether It Is A Massage, A Day At The Spa,
Shopping Spree, Or Even Just A Nice Walk. Everyone
Deserves A Treat Every Once In A While, And It Will
Keep The Spirits High. I Have Found That Helping Other
People Instantly Makes Me Feel Better. When You Help
Brighten Someone Else's Day It Often Brightens Your
Own Day In Return. It Could Be Something As Simple As
Buying Someone A Meal In Need, Or It Could Be 
Something On A Larger Scale. Simple Acts Of Kindness 
Can Get Anyone Started Down The Path To Being Out
Of A Slump And Feeling Better Than Ever Before. 
Don't Ever Settle For The Same Old Same Old!!


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