Monday, December 31, 2012


I Once Thought I Was At The End Of The Road.
Seeing Nothing But Iron Bars, Glass Windows, And Concrete
Walls I Knew That My Dreams Of Success Had Ended.
Dark Days Turned Into Brighter Ones, Hard Times Brought
Victories, And Through It All God Showed Me The Way. To
All The Ones Who Battled The Same Obsticles I Did On That
Long Road & To The Ones Who Are Still Battling....
May 2013 Bring You Many Blessings And May All Of Your
Dreams Come To Reality Just As Mine Did.
Happy New Years 2013
10x HSPU
20x Deadlift
30x Box Jumps
50x Pull Ups
100x Wall Balls
200x Double Unders
400m Run With Weight
-I Am Legend

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


 What You Give To One Person, You Will
Receive From A Different Source. So You Don't Have To
Give With The Expectation Of Receiving Back From The
Same Person You Give To, But Knowing That It Will
Definitely Come Back To You Multiplied From Other Sources.
It Works According To The Law Of Cause & Effect Where
The Universe Always Mirrors Back To You Whatever You
Do. Do Not Refuse Anything Good That Is Offered To You.
If Someone Offers You A Gift, Take The Gift And Just
Say, "Thank You". Give Up Your Beliefs About Accepting
Gifts From Others. Forget About Feeling Vulnerable Or
Owing Them Something. The Reason Why It Is Important
To Accept These Gifts Is That It Allows The Other
Person To Give. If You Wanted To Give A Gift, Wouldn't
You Want Someone To Receive Your Gift? Remember,
There Can't Be A Giver Without A Receiver.
Whenever You Accept A Gift, Know That You Are
Helping Yourself And The Giver To Complete The
Cycle Of Giving & Receiving. Of Course You Can Decline
A Gift When It Is Given For The Wrong Purpose Or
The Wrong Motive. When You Know That Someone Is
Giving You Something For The Purpose Of Enticing You
To Do Something That Is Not To Your Best Benefit,
You Have Every Right To Decline The Gift.
True Giving Is Always Out Of Love. Love Is The
Purist Motive Force And Giving Is The Expression Of
Love. When Someone Gives To You Out Of Love You
Will Know It.
Each Man Should Give What He Has Decided In His Heart
To Give, Not Reluctantly Or Under Compulsion, For
God Loves A Cheerful Giver. -2 Corinthians 9:7
Push Press *Heavy
Warm Up: 10-8-5-5
5 Rounds:
10 KB Snatch 53/35 *Each Arm
200m Sprint
-I Am Legend

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Chances Are If You Ran Into Katherine On The Street
You Would Glance At Her And Simply Keep Walking.
Just By Looking You May Wonder How? Why? What?
Or Who Could This Woman Be To Live Out Of A Backpack
And A Few Loose Bags? When She Began To Tell You She
Was Once A Lawyer And A Successful Mother Of Two
It May Be Hard To Believe. I'm Sure If You Would Take A
Second To Ask Yourself Could This Be Me, You Would
Quickly Answer "No Way"! Katherine Was Married,
Had 2 Kids, And A Great Career. Her Husband Kept Her
And Her Two Kids Hostage In A House For Close To A Year
Before Killing Himself And There Two Children. The 
Reason For What He Did Is Unknown, And From That
 Day Forward She Was Unable To Cope And Lost Everything
She Had. Her Moment Of Success Ended In The Blink Of
An Eye. Our Moments Troughout Our Journey Must Be
Cherished... You Never Know When The Moment Will
Become A Memory!
Prep The Body: Thrusters 3x20 #65/#45
Strength: Box Squats *Front Rack 3x10
12 Minute AMRAP:
7x Deadlift 155/105
12x Push Ups
7x Box Jumps