Monday, July 16, 2012


Albert Einstein's Was Estimated At 160, Madonna's
Is 140, And John F. Kennedy's Was Only 119, But
As It Turn's Out, Your IQ Score Pales In Comparison
With Your EQ, MQ, And BQ Score's When It
Comes To Predicting Your Success And Professional
Achievement. IQ Tests Are Used As An Indicator
Of Logical Reasoning Ability And Technical
Intelligence. A High IQ Is Often Prerequisite For
Rising To The Top Of All Business Today. It
Is Necessary, But It Is Not Adequate To Predict
Executive Competence And Corporate Success.
By Itself, A High IQ Does Not Guarantee That You
Will Stand Out And Rise Above The Rest.
Imagination As Well Has A Huge Factor In
Success! Intelligence Is Wonderful, But If
You Are Unable To Think "Outside The Box"
All That Intelligence Has Potential To Be
Wasted. Use Your Imagination Often
And BELIEVE In Your Vision #UGL

1 1/4 Front Squats

20x Hang Power Cleans 135/95
200m Run
20x Deadlifts
200m Run
20x Thrusters
200m Run
20x Front Squats

-I Am Legend

Sunday, July 8, 2012


In A World Where Stress, Strain, Rush &

Restlessness Abound, Peace Of Mind Is Of

Paramount Importance. It Is A Treasure That

Everyone Desires, But Only Very Few Know

How To Gain It, And Even Fewer Really Do

Something To Get It. With All The Advancement

Of Science, No Remedy Has Yet Been Found

For Lack Of Inner Peace. Often, Even When

Being In Good Financial Condition And In

Good Health, People Have No Peace Of

Mind, Which Only Proves That Peace Of

Does Not Depend On External Conditions

Or On Any Scientific Or Technical Progress.

The Solution Has To Come From Within.

It Is Not Always Possible To Change External

Conditions, But You Can Certainly Change

Your Inner Attitude And Learn To Stop

Allowing Outside Influences Affect Your
Moods & States Of Mind.


Speed/Skill Drills

Tabata Banded Sprints

Agility Ladder


5 Rounds:

8x Back Squat #115/#75

16x KB Swings 53/35

-I Am Legend

Sunday, July 1, 2012


We All Want To Be Wealthy.

Everyone Wants To Have A Comfortable

Life With Good Health & Material

Wealth. But Wanting To Be Wealthy

Always Raises A Question "HOW?"

A Lot Would Say You Need To Start A

Business, Start Working Hard, And

Start Acquiring Assets Instead Of

Liabilities. And Most Of Those Who Do

So Fail In The Long Run. Why? It's

Because They Failed To Start With A

Wealthy Mindset. Being Wealthy Starts

In The Mind And If You Are Not Mentally

Prepared To Be Rich Then You Never

Will Be. If You Want To BE Rich You

Have To THINK Rich!






Power Clean #135 / #95

Pull Ups

-I Am Legend