Friday, August 24, 2012


As Simple As This Video May Be The Power Behind
The Message Out Weighs All Of Our Problems.
We All Struggle, We All Battle, We All Fight......
3 Rounds: "Unbroken Sets"
20x KB Swings #70 / #53
30x Wall Ball #20 / #14
*Each Set Must Be Unbroken & Take As Long As
You Need In Between Sets.
-Ring Dips
-I Am Legend

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Great Coaches Realize That Competition Is Not The
Time To Find Out Where Your Athletes' Physical &
Mental Limits Are. Training Needs To Be More
Challenging & More Demanding - Physically, Mentally,
Technically, Tatically, Emotionally, Than The
Competition Your Athletes' Are Preparing For. Great
Coaches Realize That Success Is A Moving Target
And To Stay Relevant They Must Be Committed To
Life-Long Learning, Honest Personal & Professional
Evaluation And Continuous Improvement. The Days Of
Winning By Having The "Fittest" Athletes Are Over.
Sports Are So Multi-Demensional That Winning Comes
From Being The Best In Every Aspect: Training,
Preparation, Skills, Attitude, Recovery, Gym-Training,
Sleep, Nutrition, Etc. Great Coaches Know This
And Strive To Create Winning Environments Where
A Culture Of Excellence Underpins Everything &
Everybody. Athletes Are Only Athletes For An Hour
Or Two At Most Each Day. For The Other 22-23 Hours
Each Day They Are Human Beings. Many Coaches
Concentrate On Preparing The Athlete To Perform:
The Great Coaches Prepare The Human Being To
Be All They Can Be, Then, As A Result, The Athlete
Will Perform. The Best Coaches Plan: They Plan
Meticulously And With Great Attention To Detail
But, Ultimately They Also Understand That The
Core Goal Of Every Training Session Is To Ensure
It Provides The Optimal Environment And
Opportunity For There Athletes To Prepare.
Behind The Neck Push Press
2000m Row
50x T2B
1000m Row
50x K2E
-I Am Legend

Sunday, August 12, 2012


While All Great Coaches Are Unique And
Very Special Individuals, There Are Some
Common Factors - Some Common
Championship Coaching Characteristics
That They All Share Are:
1. A Commitment To Continuous Improvement.
2. A Belief That Anything Is Possible.
3. An Understanding Of Where Your Sport Has Been,
Where It Is Now, And Most Importantly A
Vision Of Where It's Going.
4. The Confidence To Be Yourself - Be Unique.
5. The Energy To Work Hard Consistently.
6. The Strength & Courage Not To Compromise.
7. Outstanding Communication Abilities.
8. An Understanding Of Who You Are,
What You Value & What Motivates You.
9. A Passion For Winning - Desire To Be The Best.
10. The Capacity To Perservere & Persist And
Continue To Fight Hard No Matter What You Face.
Great Coaches Are Fighters. Their Commitment,
Their Desire, Their Passion And Their Self
Belief Fuels Their Capacity To Fight For What
They Believe In. They Know That No One Will
Make Their Life Easy Or Their Path To
Greatness Simple. The Revel In Politics. They
Thrive In Conflict. They Enjoy A Passionate
Argument. They Invite Intelligent Objection
Knowing That In Professional Coaching
Nothing Provides The Opportunity For Growth
Like Conflict. They Know That Nothing Worth
Having Comes Easy And That Real Friendships
And Enduring Relationships Come From
-Many Coaches Believe That Being World Class
Means Another Accreditaion, Or Another
Award, Or One More Degree.
-Some Believe Being The Best Of The Best Means
Having The Best Sports Science, The Most
Equipment, The Best Facilities Or The Most
Talented Staff.
-Others Believe It's Simply A Matter Of Good
Luck, Good Timing And Being Able To
Recruit The Best Athletes.
-For The Great Ones, Coaching Is Who They Are -
Not What They Do. It Is Their Personality, Their
Character, Their Ambition, Their Drive, Their
Passion, Their Values And Their Soul. It Is The
Air They Breathe And It Is Every Beat Of Their Heart.
#I Am A Coach
Back Squat *Low Bar
7 Minute Amrap:
Max Burpee
-I Am Legend

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The Best Habit Is The One That Helps You Complete
The Task In Hand. Concentration On The Given
Subject, At The Given Time, Is The Most Important
Habit You Must Cultivate Right Now. In The Past
Few Years, A Lot Of Researchers Have Helped Us
Understand The Simplicity Of The Methods Anyone
Can Use To Concentrate & Change Habits.
Sabine Kastner Of Princeton University's Center
For The Study Of Brain, Mind And Behavior, The
Most Normal Condition Of The Brain Is To Stay
Disorganized. The Four Most Important Activities
Anyone Can Perform To Help Improve Their
Concentration Is:
1. Get Enough Sleep
2. Work Out Every Day
3. Develop A Trigger Activity
4. Meditate
When We Meditate, We Focus. The Thoughts
That Come Up To You During Meditation Are Released
And Help You Get A Sense Of Detachment From Them.
Meditation Can Help You Extract Yourself From Those
Thoughts And Clear The Brain For Some Real Action.
Snatch Balance
Snatch Pulls
50x V-Twist (Buy In)
Dual KB Push Jerk
KB Goblet Lunges
50x V-Twist (Buy Out)
-I Am Legend

Monday, August 6, 2012


Are You Having Trouble Coping With Any Of Life's
Difficult, Stressful, And Negative Experiences?
You Can Effectively Counteract Negation Emotions
By Noticing Something You Are Grateful For.
Tons Of Studies Have Shown That A Conscious
Focus On Your Blessings Can Have An Immediate
Emotional Benefit And Can Help Reduce Your Feelings
Of Stress And Increase Your Level Of Happiness.
Why Does Focusing On Gratitude Make Us Happier?
It Reminds Us Of The Positive Things In Our Lives.
When We Recognize The Positive Things, We Are
Reminded Of What Is Truly Important And We Can
Look At Our Problems With A Different Perspective.
What Are You Grateful For? If Nothing Comes To Mind,
It Is Time To Refocus Your Attention. Even The Most
Beautiful Sight Can Be Taken For Granted When You
See It Everyday, Just As The Blessings Of Good Health,
Close Relationships, And Comfortable Shelter
Commonly Go Unnoticed And Un-Appreciated.
As A Part Of Your Gratitude Practice, Be Sure To
Friend Yourself And Express Gratitude To Yourself
For Your Efforts, Traits, Talents, And Accomplishments.
Strengthen The Bonds With Those In Your Life By
Moving Beyond Your Inward Feelings Of Gratitude
And By Verbally Expressing Gratitude To Them.
Hang Power Clean
12 Minute AMRAP
8x KB Power Snatch (Each Arm)
8x One Arm KB Thrusters (Each Arm)
200m Sprint
-I Am Legend