Sunday, August 12, 2012


While All Great Coaches Are Unique And
Very Special Individuals, There Are Some
Common Factors - Some Common
Championship Coaching Characteristics
That They All Share Are:
1. A Commitment To Continuous Improvement.
2. A Belief That Anything Is Possible.
3. An Understanding Of Where Your Sport Has Been,
Where It Is Now, And Most Importantly A
Vision Of Where It's Going.
4. The Confidence To Be Yourself - Be Unique.
5. The Energy To Work Hard Consistently.
6. The Strength & Courage Not To Compromise.
7. Outstanding Communication Abilities.
8. An Understanding Of Who You Are,
What You Value & What Motivates You.
9. A Passion For Winning - Desire To Be The Best.
10. The Capacity To Perservere & Persist And
Continue To Fight Hard No Matter What You Face.
Great Coaches Are Fighters. Their Commitment,
Their Desire, Their Passion And Their Self
Belief Fuels Their Capacity To Fight For What
They Believe In. They Know That No One Will
Make Their Life Easy Or Their Path To
Greatness Simple. The Revel In Politics. They
Thrive In Conflict. They Enjoy A Passionate
Argument. They Invite Intelligent Objection
Knowing That In Professional Coaching
Nothing Provides The Opportunity For Growth
Like Conflict. They Know That Nothing Worth
Having Comes Easy And That Real Friendships
And Enduring Relationships Come From
-Many Coaches Believe That Being World Class
Means Another Accreditaion, Or Another
Award, Or One More Degree.
-Some Believe Being The Best Of The Best Means
Having The Best Sports Science, The Most
Equipment, The Best Facilities Or The Most
Talented Staff.
-Others Believe It's Simply A Matter Of Good
Luck, Good Timing And Being Able To
Recruit The Best Athletes.
-For The Great Ones, Coaching Is Who They Are -
Not What They Do. It Is Their Personality, Their
Character, Their Ambition, Their Drive, Their
Passion, Their Values And Their Soul. It Is The
Air They Breathe And It Is Every Beat Of Their Heart.
#I Am A Coach
Back Squat *Low Bar
7 Minute Amrap:
Max Burpee
-I Am Legend

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