Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Commited, Always Early, Stayed Late,

Never Missed A Class, Dedicated, Listened,

Learned, Grew! Joaquin Torres Showed Up To

My Garage At My Home August 4, 2009 With

One Thing On His Mind. He Wanted To Train

CrossFit. For The Next 3 Months Joaquin Became

A Leader In The Group And Progressed

Tremendously On All Levels Of Fitness. He

Continued To Train For The Next Year, And Later

Recieved His CrossFit Level One & CrossFit Football

Certification. He Is Now The Owner Of An Affiliated

CrossFit Gym Named Brazosport CrossFit. Joaquin

Has Had An Opportunity To Train With Some Of The

Fittest Athletes On Earth & Dedicates The Majority

Of His Time Teaching Other's How To Make Fitness

Not Only A Commitment, But A Lifestyle. If You Are

Looking To Challenge Your Fitness, Improve Your

Lifts, Switch Up Your Routine & Simply Get Out Of

Your Comfort Zone, Or Want To Learn The Basic

Movements Of Functional Fitness, Then Call

Brazosport CrossFit Today! Make The Change!


Hang Full Snatch

Find 1RM

@ 70% Of Your Max



15 Minute Amrap

8x Ring Inverts

8x Burpee

8x Box Jumps #24 / #30

-I Am Legend

Sunday, November 27, 2011


How Can That Happen? How Can A Person

Not Have Anyone? Why Don't They Get A Job?

How Is It Possible? There Are Tons Of Jobs

Available..... Right? There Is Always A Reason

To Become Homeless: bankruptcy, divorce,

depression, job loss, alcoholism, etc...

Mark Was A Successful Engineer. He Worked For

The Same Firm For 27 Years. At The Age Of 46

He Was Made Redundant And This Led To A

Breakdown. He Tried Finding Temporary Work

But Without Success. He Had A Home But

When His Mental Condition Worsened He

Wasn't Able To Continue Paying For It.

He Slept On The Streets For Almost 5 Years, In

Contact With Outreach Workers On The

Streets But Resisting The Move Into A Hostel.

"I've Never Been To A Hostel, Avoided Them Like

The Plague. You Hear Horror Stories, But I Was

In Touch With Services And Volunteered Myself

For One Homeless Organization. If You're

Sensible On The Streets You Can Get By.

I've Never Begged. You Can Find Food If You

Know Where To Look, So Much Is Thrown Away."

Mark, Now 52, Is Currently On Jobseekers

Allowance & Still Volunteering With Other

Homeless People. He Has Become Certified

In Numerous Courses For Working With
Different Organizations.
"Sleeping On The

Streets Seems Like Such A Long Time
Ago. I Wouldn't Want To Go Back."



800m Run

21x HSPU

21x KB Swings #70 / #53

21x Lunges

1 Mile Run

15x HSPU

15x KB Swings

15x Lunges

800m Run


9x KB Swings

9x Lunges

-I Am Legend


A Recent Study By Harvard Instructor

Dr. Sara W Lazar, Has Shown That Mediation

Can Help To Increase Brain Function, Reduce

The Effects Of Aging On The Brain, And Improve

Concentration And Memory. Meditation Creates

A Unique State, In Which The Metabolism Is In

An Even Deeper State Of Rest Than During

Sleep. During Sleep, Oxygen Consumption

Drops By 8 Percent, But During Meditaiton It

Drops By 10 To 20 Percent. The Calming Hormones

Melatonin And Seratonin Are Increased By

Meditation And The Stress Hormone Cortisol

Is Decreased. Not Only Do Studies Show That

Meditation Is Boosting Their Immune System,

But Brain Scans Suggest That It May Be Rewiring

Their Brains To Reduce Stress...... Find Yourself!!


Split Jerk *From Rack

Find 1RM

Then Drop To 85% For Sets Of:



5 Rounds:

10x Hang Power Cleans #115 / #75

10x Pull Ups *C2B

10x Floor Wipers

-I Am Legend

Monday, November 21, 2011


On This Day I Would Like To Tell

Each Of My Family Members How Important

They Are To Me. Let Them Know The Love

I Have For Them Is Unconditional And Never

Ending. No Matter What Life Brings Us, It

All Starts And Ends With Family.

Front Squat



10 Rounds:

10x Deadlifts #185 / #135

10x Air Squats

-I Am Legend

Saturday, November 19, 2011


The Despair Of Broken Dreams. The Injury

That Made You Question; Is This Really For

Me? About A Month Ago I Was Talking With

A Friend Of Mine, Wyatt Ak About A Recent

Injury He Had Overcome. I'm Sure Every Athlete

Has Either Witnessed A Possible Career Ending

Injury, Or Has Had To Deal With One Personally.

Injuries Don't Always Happen Just In The
Physical Form, But Emotionally As Well. As Wyatt

Spoke To Me About What He Had Recently Been

Through All I Could Think About Was How Can

We Get Him Back On The Right Path. I Listened

As He Explained The Details Of His Latest Struggle.

I Know How Easily It Is To Allow An Injury Whether

It Be A Tore MCL, Broke Ankle, Divorce, Or Even The

Loss Of A Recent Job To Make You Ask Yourself; Do

I Have The Strength To Come Back? The Answer Is

Yes. Sometimes We Get Knocked Down, And We Lose

Our Sense Of Direction And Become Lost. You're

Human... It Happens To The Best Of Us! No One Is

Perfect! All We Can Do Is Keep Our Faith And Have

The Discipline To Wait Out The Storm... My Light Is

Always On For Anyone I Consider Friends Or Family.


Snatch Balance

Find 1RM

Then @80% 3x3x3x3


3 Round:

3 Min Amrap

500m Row

*With Remaining Time Perform Max Burpee

*2 Min Rest Between Rounds

-I Am Legend

Monday, November 14, 2011


What Would Happen If You Took A Step Back

From Your Current Life? If You Just Observed And

Removed Yourself From The Chaos Would Your

Perspective Change? If You Could Take A Month To

Step Back, Unplug All Of Your Electronics And

Reflect On What It Is You're Doing, What Would

Happen? Stepping Back To Look At The Big Picture

And Clearing Your Thoughts Can Actually Be One

Of The Best Ways To Make Sure You're On The Right

Path And Continue To Move Forward. Over The Past

Two Weeks I Have Been Absent From My Blog.

Stepping Back Allowed Me To Gain A Broader

Perspective Of What I Was Doing, And What Life

Was Like Again Without Spending Hours In Front

Of My Computer. Stepping Back Will Give You An

Opportunity To Discover Whether Or Not You Truly

Enjoy What You're Doing. Even If You're Following

Your Passion You Could Probably Use A Break From

It From Time To Time. However If It's Something

You Really Enjoy You'll Be Itching To Get Back At

It Within A Relatively Short Period Of Time.

"In Three Words I Can Sum Up Everything I've Learned

About Life; It Goes On." -Robert Frost-


Bench Press



5 Rounds:

10x T2B

10x SDHP #95 / #65

200m Sprint

-I Am Legend

Monday, November 7, 2011


When You Do Things That Are Not Genuine

Or A Reflection Of The Real You, You Will Not

Be Happy With Yourself And Will End Up

Confused. You'll Be Confused Because You Won't

Know Whom To Please, Or How. Self-Respect

Comes From Being True To Who You Really Are

And From Acting In Accordance With Your

Fundamental Nature. When You Respect Yourself,

Others Will Respect You. They Will Sense That You

Are Strong And Capable Of Standing Up For Yourself

And Your Beliefs. When You Are True To Yourself,

You Allow Your Individuality And Uniqueness To

Shine Through. You Respect The Opinions Of Others

But Do Not Conform To Stereotypes Or Their

Expectations Of You. Be True, Be You!!


Skills Practice

D.Under "Flight Simulater"

5x Unbroken... 10x... 15x.. All The Way To 50.

*If You Clip Without Completing The Full Rep

Count You Are On You Must Start Over.


5 Rounds:


7x DB Squat Cleans #40 / #25

9x Lateral Box Jumps *Up & Overs

-I Am Legend

Saturday, November 5, 2011


How Comfortable Are You With Your Self Worth?

Self-Worth Is Important To The Ultimate Happiness

You Feel In Your Life Because It Is Deeply Tied Into

Your Ability To Attain Your Desires. In Order To

Move Forward With Your Desires, You Need

Perseverance. So Why Do We Sometimes Give Up So

Easily? Many Of Us Feel That There Are Not Enough

Hours In A Day To Persue Our Dreams Or We Live

In An Environment That Seems So Far Away From

What We Truly Want. Are These Just Excuses? Who

Or What Do We Hide Behind To Stay In Our Comfort

Zone? Being Comfortable Doesn't Mean We Are

Happy Where We Currently Are. It Could Be That

We Are Afraid To Step Out Of Our Comfort Zone

Because We Haven't Learned To Trust Ourselves

In Creating And Allowing Our Desires To Come To

Fruition. This Process May Seem Difficult At First,

But It Does Get Easier As You Move Into A Better

State Of Mind. How Much Are You Worth????

2 Rounds:

30x Hang Power Snatch #75 / #45

*Rest 90 Secs In Between Sets

2 Rounds:

50x Double Unders

*Must Be Unbroken Or Start Over



OHS #95 / #65


-I Am Legend

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Your Time Is Limited, So Don't Waste Your Talent!


Back Squat



20 Minute Amrap

1x Bear Complex #135 / #95

3x Rounds Of Cindy

10x Double Unders

-I Am Legend