Monday, November 14, 2011


What Would Happen If You Took A Step Back

From Your Current Life? If You Just Observed And

Removed Yourself From The Chaos Would Your

Perspective Change? If You Could Take A Month To

Step Back, Unplug All Of Your Electronics And

Reflect On What It Is You're Doing, What Would

Happen? Stepping Back To Look At The Big Picture

And Clearing Your Thoughts Can Actually Be One

Of The Best Ways To Make Sure You're On The Right

Path And Continue To Move Forward. Over The Past

Two Weeks I Have Been Absent From My Blog.

Stepping Back Allowed Me To Gain A Broader

Perspective Of What I Was Doing, And What Life

Was Like Again Without Spending Hours In Front

Of My Computer. Stepping Back Will Give You An

Opportunity To Discover Whether Or Not You Truly

Enjoy What You're Doing. Even If You're Following

Your Passion You Could Probably Use A Break From

It From Time To Time. However If It's Something

You Really Enjoy You'll Be Itching To Get Back At

It Within A Relatively Short Period Of Time.

"In Three Words I Can Sum Up Everything I've Learned

About Life; It Goes On." -Robert Frost-


Bench Press



5 Rounds:

10x T2B

10x SDHP #95 / #65

200m Sprint

-I Am Legend

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