Saturday, November 5, 2011


How Comfortable Are You With Your Self Worth?

Self-Worth Is Important To The Ultimate Happiness

You Feel In Your Life Because It Is Deeply Tied Into

Your Ability To Attain Your Desires. In Order To

Move Forward With Your Desires, You Need

Perseverance. So Why Do We Sometimes Give Up So

Easily? Many Of Us Feel That There Are Not Enough

Hours In A Day To Persue Our Dreams Or We Live

In An Environment That Seems So Far Away From

What We Truly Want. Are These Just Excuses? Who

Or What Do We Hide Behind To Stay In Our Comfort

Zone? Being Comfortable Doesn't Mean We Are

Happy Where We Currently Are. It Could Be That

We Are Afraid To Step Out Of Our Comfort Zone

Because We Haven't Learned To Trust Ourselves

In Creating And Allowing Our Desires To Come To

Fruition. This Process May Seem Difficult At First,

But It Does Get Easier As You Move Into A Better

State Of Mind. How Much Are You Worth????

2 Rounds:

30x Hang Power Snatch #75 / #45

*Rest 90 Secs In Between Sets

2 Rounds:

50x Double Unders

*Must Be Unbroken Or Start Over



OHS #95 / #65


-I Am Legend

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