Saturday, November 19, 2011


The Despair Of Broken Dreams. The Injury

That Made You Question; Is This Really For

Me? About A Month Ago I Was Talking With

A Friend Of Mine, Wyatt Ak About A Recent

Injury He Had Overcome. I'm Sure Every Athlete

Has Either Witnessed A Possible Career Ending

Injury, Or Has Had To Deal With One Personally.

Injuries Don't Always Happen Just In The
Physical Form, But Emotionally As Well. As Wyatt

Spoke To Me About What He Had Recently Been

Through All I Could Think About Was How Can

We Get Him Back On The Right Path. I Listened

As He Explained The Details Of His Latest Struggle.

I Know How Easily It Is To Allow An Injury Whether

It Be A Tore MCL, Broke Ankle, Divorce, Or Even The

Loss Of A Recent Job To Make You Ask Yourself; Do

I Have The Strength To Come Back? The Answer Is

Yes. Sometimes We Get Knocked Down, And We Lose

Our Sense Of Direction And Become Lost. You're

Human... It Happens To The Best Of Us! No One Is

Perfect! All We Can Do Is Keep Our Faith And Have

The Discipline To Wait Out The Storm... My Light Is

Always On For Anyone I Consider Friends Or Family.


Snatch Balance

Find 1RM

Then @80% 3x3x3x3


3 Round:

3 Min Amrap

500m Row

*With Remaining Time Perform Max Burpee

*2 Min Rest Between Rounds

-I Am Legend

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