Monday, November 7, 2011


When You Do Things That Are Not Genuine

Or A Reflection Of The Real You, You Will Not

Be Happy With Yourself And Will End Up

Confused. You'll Be Confused Because You Won't

Know Whom To Please, Or How. Self-Respect

Comes From Being True To Who You Really Are

And From Acting In Accordance With Your

Fundamental Nature. When You Respect Yourself,

Others Will Respect You. They Will Sense That You

Are Strong And Capable Of Standing Up For Yourself

And Your Beliefs. When You Are True To Yourself,

You Allow Your Individuality And Uniqueness To

Shine Through. You Respect The Opinions Of Others

But Do Not Conform To Stereotypes Or Their

Expectations Of You. Be True, Be You!!


Skills Practice

D.Under "Flight Simulater"

5x Unbroken... 10x... 15x.. All The Way To 50.

*If You Clip Without Completing The Full Rep

Count You Are On You Must Start Over.


5 Rounds:


7x DB Squat Cleans #40 / #25

9x Lateral Box Jumps *Up & Overs

-I Am Legend

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