Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Manuel Sisters

There Is A Lot Of Love In The World,
But There Are Few That Comes Close To A Sister's Love.
The Love That The Sister's Share Runs Deep.
It's So Deep That No One Could Ever Take It Away.
One Who Listens & Understands What You Went
Through & Are Going Through Now. When Live
Seems Hopeless A Sister Is By Your Side. They
Love You For Who You Are Not What You Do
And No Matter Where You Are It Always Goes
With You. -Unknown

These Two Girls Have Grown So Much Just In The
Gym. It Has Been An Amazing Thing To Watch. They
Came In With An Open Mind, Some Dedication, Tons
Of Heart, And Now Have Become Great Athletes At
Skyline CrossFit & Great Leaders In The Community.
One Sister Even Signed Up For The Reebok CrossFit Open.
Their Competitiveness Keeps Them Going, But Their
Love Keeps Them From Straying Apart. I Feel Privileged
To Have Met The Manuel Sisters & Proud To Call Them
Fellow Athletes & Friends Of Mine.

Snatch Balance

3 Rounds:
20x KB Swings #70 / #53
20x Goblet Squats
20x Weighted Sit Ups

-I Am Legend

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Stress Tends To Visit Us When We're Tired, When
We're Sick, When We're Driving Through Traffic,
When We're Late To An Important Meeting, Or If
We've Taken On Too Many Responsibilities. When
Circumstances Are Out Of Our Control, We Feel
Stress. When Are Basic Needs Are Not Being Met,
Or If We Feel Unsafe, We Feel Stress. Life Is Much Too
Complicated, And We Are Much Too Vulnerable In
Our Human Condition To Ever Escape The Inevitable
Battles With Stress. But For Some, Stress Does
Have A Positive Side. It Can Be A Reminder That Our
Lives Have Drifted Away From Whats Most Important

"Then Jesus Said, Come To Me All You Who Are
Weary And Burdened, And I Will Give You Rest. Take
My Yoke Upon You And Learn From Me, For I Am
Gentle And Humble In Heart, And You Will Find Rest
For Your Souls." -Matthew 11:28-29


15x HSPU
15x Snatch #95 / #65
15x Ring Dip
30x Box Jump
30x Pull Ups
60x Double Unders

-I Am Legend

Monday, February 13, 2012


Over Time, February 14th Has Become The Date For
Exchanging Love Messages And A Celebration Of
St. Valentine, The Patron Saint Of Lovers. The Date
Is Marked By Sending Poems And Simple Gifts, Such
As Flowers & Candy To Loved Ones & Secret Loves.
Not Only On This Day, But Everyday We Should
Always Show Those Who We Love Just How Much
They Mean To Us. Hope Everyone Has A Wonderful
And Happy Valentines Day 2012.

Back Squat

Row 2000 Meters
25x KB Swings #70 / #53
Row 1500 Meters
35x KB Swings
Row 1000 Meters
50x KB Swings

-I Am Legend

Friday, February 10, 2012


"At Times Our Own Light Goes Out And
Is Rekindled By A Spark From Another Person.
Each Of Us Has Cause To Think With Deep
Gratitude Of Those Who Have Lighted The
Flame Within Us." -Albert Schweitzer

Weighted Pull Ups

Weighted Dips

4 Rounds:
12x KB Swing #53 / #35
12x Box Jumps #24 / #20
12x OH Weighted Lunges

-I Am Legend

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


"If I Fail To Spend Two Hours In Prayer Each Morning,
The Devil Gets The Victory Through The Day. I Have So
Much Business I Cannot Get On Without Spending Three
Hours Daily In Prayer. -Martin Luther King

Sumo Deadlift High Pull

"I Have A Dream"
Black History Month Hero WOD

800m Run
10x Squat Clean #185 / #135
10x Box Jumps #30 / #24
10x HSPU
10x Split Jerk #185 / #135
5x Squat Clean
5x Box Jump
5x Split Jerk
800m Run

-I Am Legend

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Don't Find Fault With The Man Who Limps
Or Stumbles Along The Road,
Unless You Have Worn The Shoes That Hurt
Or Struggled Beneath His Load.
There May Be Tacks In His Shoes That Hurt
Though Hidden Away From View,
Or The Burden He Bears If Placed On Your Back
Might Cause You To Stumble Too.

Don't Sneer At The Man Who's Down Today
Unless You Have Felt The Blow,
That Caused His Fall Or Felt The Same
That Only The Fallen Know.
You May Be Strong But Still The Blows
That Were His If Dealt To You,
At The Same Place Or Same Time
Might Cause You To Stagger Too.

Don't Be Too Harsh With The Man Who Sins
Or Pelt Him With Words Or Stones,
Unless You Are Sure, Yeah, Double Sure
That You Have Know Sins On Your Own.
For You Know Perhaps, If The Tempters Voice
Should Whisper As Soft To You,
As It Did To Him When He Went Astray
Might Cause You To Falter Too.

Double Under Work
5x Max Consecutive Reps

5 Rounds:
12x KB Swings #70 / #53
8x C2B Pull Ups
400m Run

-I Am Legend


One Of The Greatest Challenges To Human Nature Is
The Issue Of Forgiveness. Those Who Cannot Forgive
Themselves Are Filled With Guilt And Despair, And Those
Who Won't Forgive Others Are Filled With Anger And
Bitterness. The Most Miserable People Are The People
Who Never Let Go Of Their Bitterness. Have You Ever Met
An Old Bitter Man/Woman? They Can't Enjoy Life And
Those Who Love Them Can't Enjoy Them. Bitterness Builds
A Barrier That Keeps You Caged In And The Rest Of The
World Closed Out. The Bitter Person Will Cling To A Hurt
From The Past And Will Never Let Go Of It Even Though
They Know It Is Destroying Them. To Various Degrees,
We All Struggle With Bitterness. When We Cling To Anger,
We Punish Those That Hurt Us, Yet We Destroy Ourselves.
Forgiving Someone Or Something Could Be The Turning
Point Of Your Life. Forgiveness Is Key!

Sumo Deadlifts

12 Minute Amrap
1x Back Squat #155 / #105
1x Snatch Jerk
1x Power Clean
10x Double Unders

-I Am Legend