Tuesday, April 24, 2012


A Friend Of Mine C.D. Womack Told Me
One Time As He Walked Into The Gym,
"Man It Feels Good To Get Out Of Prison."
I Had Watched C.D. Come Into The Gym 4 Days
A Week For Almost 6 Months, So I Knew
There Was No Way He Had Been In Prison. As I
Asked Him What He Meant By That He Began
To Tell Me That He Was Into Prison Ministries.
He Volunteers To Speak With Prison Inmates About
The Word, And Helps Lift Them Up During
Their Time Of Struggle. No Background Check,
No Knowledge On What Got Them There, But
Simply Sparing Time To Talk With A Stranger
In Time Of Need..... Period. I Began To Study
About Prison Ministries In Texas (Kairos)
And Started To Think This Would Be Something
I Could & Would Love To Do. I Let A Year Go
By Without Looking Further Into What
It Would Take To Start Volunteering My Time.
As Of Next Month I Will Be Getting Involved With
The Ministries & Cannot Wait To See What
Doors Open & The Direction They Lead Me.

"Then The King Will Say To Those On His Right, 'Come,
 You Who Are Blessed By My Father, Take Your Inheritance,
The Kingdom Prepared For You Since Creation Of The World.
For I Was Hungry & You Gave Me Something To Eat, I Was
Thirsty & You Gave Me Something To Drink, I Was A
Stranger & You Invited Me In, I Needed Clothes & You
Clothed Me, I Was Sick & You Looked After Me, I Was In
Prison & You Came To Visit Me." -Matthew 25: 34-36

Tempo DeadLifts
*3 Second Pull To The Knee Then Open Hips Fast As Possible
3 Seconds Back Down. Touch & Go For Each Set Of 5.

12 Minute Amrap
200m Row
15x Push Ups *Chest To Floor No Release

-I Am Legend

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This Picture Was Taken At The 300 Spartan
Challenge At CrossFit Point Break In 2010. Kyle Was
My First Training Partner In CrossFit. We Met
In A Garage That Was About 150 Degrees In The Middle
Of The Summer About 3-4 Days A Week And
Trained Under Justin Stidham & Carl Edwards.
From The First Air Squat To The Last Deadlift Kyle
Always Pushed Me To Be A Better Athlete & Never
Give Up On A Workout. We Trained Together Off & On
For Almost 2 Years And Never Once Did He Stop
Doing Everything It Took To Become A Better
Athlete, Friend, And Overall Person. Big Ups To My
Boy Kyle For The Long Road He Has Traveled
And All The Progression He Has Made In The Sport
Of CrossFit. #RegionalAthlete2012 #RaginCrossFit
"Never Surrender, It's All About The Faith You Got:
Don't Ever Stop, Just Push It 'Till You Hit The Top And
If You Drop, Atleast You Know You Gave Your All To Be
True To You, That Way You Can Never Fail." -Tupac Shakur
Max Effort L-Sits
3x Sets Max Time W/ 30 Sec Rest In Between Sets
75x GHD Sit Ups
75x Hamstring Raises
5 Rounds:
15x Wall Ball
200m Run
10x HSPU
-I AM Legend

Monday, April 9, 2012


Trying To Make Things Happen All The Time
Creates A Lot Of Unnecessary Anxiety. It's Stressful
Trying To Deny What Is. When I "Give Up" I Simply
Accept Life As It Is. No Strings Attached. No Wishing
Things Were Different. If An Action Needs To Be
Taken, I Take It. But I've Given Up Letting My
Happiness Be Dependent On A "Thing". Most Of
Our Problems Only Exist Within Our Minds.
They're Not Real Physical Problems; Yet Simply
Imagined Obsticales. It's Interesting To Me How
So Many People Have So Many Problems, So
Many Dilemmas. Now I Don't Exclude Myself From
Having Problems Or Having Dilemmas, But I
Just Don't Think Half Of What We Deal With In
Which Causes Us Stress Is Neccessary. When I
Speak About Giving Up I Don't Mean Give Up
On Your Dreams. We All Want Certain Things To
Happen For Us, Our Family, Our Friends, But To
Constantly Dwell On What Is Not Happening Causes
Us To Forget What Is Happening. Try Giving Up
Something This Week And See How It Makes A
Back Squat
5 Rounds:
10x Burpee
15x Push Press #95 / #65
20x Pull Ups
-I Am Legend

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


If Anyone Knows Me Then They Know That I Am A HUGE
Believer In Surroundings. Not Just In Training Or Fitness
But In Life! There Is An Old Saying - Nothing Makes
You Crazy Faster Than Hanging Out With Crazy People.
The Same Could Be Said For Being Successful - Nothing
Makes You More Successful Faster Than Hanging Around
Other Successful People. One Common Thread With
Successful People Is That They Say That They Had
The Help Of The People That They Surrounded
Themselves With - Very Few Say They Did It Alone.
I Believe Anyone & Everything Around Me Effects
My Life In Some Way. It May Not Be A Way
That I Can Always See Immediately, But The Effects
Eventually Come Out From The Shadows.
You Are Who You Hang Around... It's Just That Simple.
"Do Not Be Deceived, Evil Company Corrupts
Good Habits" 1 Corinthians 15:33
Power Snatch
Squat Snatch
3 Rounds:
400m Run
21x KB Swings
12x Pull Ups
-I Am Legend