Monday, April 9, 2012


Trying To Make Things Happen All The Time
Creates A Lot Of Unnecessary Anxiety. It's Stressful
Trying To Deny What Is. When I "Give Up" I Simply
Accept Life As It Is. No Strings Attached. No Wishing
Things Were Different. If An Action Needs To Be
Taken, I Take It. But I've Given Up Letting My
Happiness Be Dependent On A "Thing". Most Of
Our Problems Only Exist Within Our Minds.
They're Not Real Physical Problems; Yet Simply
Imagined Obsticales. It's Interesting To Me How
So Many People Have So Many Problems, So
Many Dilemmas. Now I Don't Exclude Myself From
Having Problems Or Having Dilemmas, But I
Just Don't Think Half Of What We Deal With In
Which Causes Us Stress Is Neccessary. When I
Speak About Giving Up I Don't Mean Give Up
On Your Dreams. We All Want Certain Things To
Happen For Us, Our Family, Our Friends, But To
Constantly Dwell On What Is Not Happening Causes
Us To Forget What Is Happening. Try Giving Up
Something This Week And See How It Makes A
Back Squat
5 Rounds:
10x Burpee
15x Push Press #95 / #65
20x Pull Ups
-I Am Legend

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  1. Well Said, This Is A True Statement.I Myself Am A Victim of thinking this way at Times,but by Reading your Blogs I find it easy to deal with certain Mind Sets I face on a daily Basis.When I need Inspiration I go to a Quote Website or,Tony Robbins,or I Come to "I am legends Blog Spot" I don't Blog Much but,I know I can find Motivation in your Blogs.So I use it Sometimes..So Thanks for The Motivation,Thanks for your Inspiring Blogs you Post.
    Crystal Harrison