Tuesday, June 26, 2012


"May The Bridges I Burn Light The Way"
Eliminate Your Possiblility To Retreat And
Force YourSelf To Move Forward. Burn The
Bridges Behind You And Begin The New
Chapter In Your Life. Sometimes It Is
Necessary To Burn The Bridges Behind You,
So That You Do Not Get Tempted To Go Back To
Your Old Secure & Comfortable Routine. If You
Want A Change In Your Life, Perhaps You Seek
New Adventures & Challenges That Require A
Total Renewal Of Your Daily Schedule, Then You
Have To Let Go Of Some Parts Of The Past. If You
Are Determined To Change Something In Your
Life You Have To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Even Though It Does Not Feel As Safe &
Secure As What You Are Used To. It Takes
Time To Get Used To Changes, But As Long
As You Hang In There, After A While You Will
Get Customed To It, And It Will Become A
Natural Part Of Your Life. So When We Start
Your Journey Towards A New & Improved
Lifestyle, We Have To Go All The Way! We
Must Not Retreat To Our Old Life Therefore
It Is Necessary That We Burn The Bridges
Behind Us. If We Are Constantly Moving Back
& Forth And Can't Really Decide If We Are
Able To Complete The Task, We Will Never Reach
Our Goal!
Elevated Deadlifts
5 Rounds:
6x TGU #44 / #26
12x Push Ups
18x Air Squats

Sunday, June 24, 2012


The Olympics Are A Platform For Athletes
To Shine, And To Inspire People Around The World.
Audiences Marvel At How A Singular Person,
Whether Competing By Themselves Or On A
Team, Can Push Themselves To Their Absolute
Limit To Win, Overcome Others And Themselves
To Bring A Medal Home For Their Nation. These
Olympians Become Beacons Of Inspiration, And
Are Looked Up To As Role Models By The Young
Ones Around Us Who Probably Think "Why
Can't I Do That?" From Running, Swimming,
Lifting Weights, Skating, Etc... There Always
Is Going To Be An Athlete That Takes Your
Breath Away With Their Talent And Skill.
2012 Olympics Live In London

Max Effort Method
3 Rounds:
Max Rep Push Press #75 / #45
*Rest 45 Sec Between Sets
Rest 3 Minutes
3 Rounds:
Max Rep Front Squat #95 / #65

10 Rounds:
1x Muscle Up Or (3x C2B 3x Dip)
1x Deadlift #315 / #205
1x Back Squat #185 / #125
1x Squat Clean & Jerk #155 / #115

-I Am Legend

Monday, June 11, 2012


Seeing Is Believing... I Remember In Photojournalism
Our Teacher Said "An Image Or Picture Can Be So
Powerful That It Can Change The World!" It's Not The
Image Themselves That Changes The World, But
Those Images Have Provoked Reactions In People,
And Those Reactions Have Caused Change To Happen.
An Image Can Have A Profound Impact On Our Mind
And Can Change Our Perception On Certain Issues
And How We View Things Around Us. A Good
Picture Tells A Visual Narrative - It Tells A Story!
One Single Photograph Has The Ability To Convey
Emotion, Mood, Narrative, Ideas And Messages -
All Our Which Important Factors Of Storytelling.
Whether It's A Picture Of Grandma's House That
Reminds You Of Family Get Togethers, A Photo
Of Childhood That Brings Back A Certain Memory,
Or A Picture Of One Who May Have Passed On
Whom You Were Very Close Too.... Take A
Second To Remember The Story That Comes
With The Image You See. Treat Everyday As
If It Were Later Going To Be A Great Memory,
And whether you take a picture with your new
IPhone, Digital Camera, Or Simply With You
Mind Always Remember The Story That Comes
With It.
Push Press *Heavy
500m Row
20x KB Push Press #35 / #18
400m Row
20x KB Push Press
300m Row
20x KB Push Press
200m Row
20x KB Push Press
100m Row
-I Am Legend

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Out Of My Element, Beyond My Comfort Zone,
And Very Far From Home. I Found CrossFit In
A Small Garage In My Apartment Complex In
June Of 2009. Carl Edwards (In Picture Above)
And Justin Stidham Had Just Affiliated With
CrossFit HQ And Opened CrossFit Point Break.
There Were Many Days Where I Wanted To Quit,
Find Another Workout, And Be Done With This New
Program Known As CrossFit. It Was A Mixture
Between The Failures & Short Comings That Kept
Me Coming Back. Weird Right? You Would Think
That Failing At Something Time & Time Again
Would Push You Away, But It Was The Failure
That Drove Me To Get Better One Day At A Time.
One Push Up, One Burpee, One Air Squat,
One Box Jump At A Time Was All I Focused On.
Now June 2012 I Celebrate 3 Years Of CrossFit.
I Can't Name Everyone But I Am So Thankful &
Blessed To Have Met The People I Have And The
Support From The Community Has Been Unreal.
Thanks Justin Stidham & Carl Edwards For
Bringing Me In And Literally Changing My Life
With A Program That Is World Wide Now.......

Clean & Jerk

15 Min Amrap:
200m Run
15x Wall Ball
15x Push Ups

-I Am Legend


March Ever Onwards, Friends
Keep Our Pace Together
We Never Break Our Stride
For Behind Us Blazes Wildfire
Overhead Roars The Storm
Never Can We Falter
Never Shall We Fall
-From The Notes Of An Unknown Soldier "Doomsday 1944"

Back Squat
10x @ 55%
10x @65%
10x @75%

Deadlift #225 / #155

-I Am Legend