Tuesday, June 26, 2012


"May The Bridges I Burn Light The Way"
Eliminate Your Possiblility To Retreat And
Force YourSelf To Move Forward. Burn The
Bridges Behind You And Begin The New
Chapter In Your Life. Sometimes It Is
Necessary To Burn The Bridges Behind You,
So That You Do Not Get Tempted To Go Back To
Your Old Secure & Comfortable Routine. If You
Want A Change In Your Life, Perhaps You Seek
New Adventures & Challenges That Require A
Total Renewal Of Your Daily Schedule, Then You
Have To Let Go Of Some Parts Of The Past. If You
Are Determined To Change Something In Your
Life You Have To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Even Though It Does Not Feel As Safe &
Secure As What You Are Used To. It Takes
Time To Get Used To Changes, But As Long
As You Hang In There, After A While You Will
Get Customed To It, And It Will Become A
Natural Part Of Your Life. So When We Start
Your Journey Towards A New & Improved
Lifestyle, We Have To Go All The Way! We
Must Not Retreat To Our Old Life Therefore
It Is Necessary That We Burn The Bridges
Behind Us. If We Are Constantly Moving Back
& Forth And Can't Really Decide If We Are
Able To Complete The Task, We Will Never Reach
Our Goal!
Elevated Deadlifts
5 Rounds:
6x TGU #44 / #26
12x Push Ups
18x Air Squats

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