Sunday, June 24, 2012


The Olympics Are A Platform For Athletes
To Shine, And To Inspire People Around The World.
Audiences Marvel At How A Singular Person,
Whether Competing By Themselves Or On A
Team, Can Push Themselves To Their Absolute
Limit To Win, Overcome Others And Themselves
To Bring A Medal Home For Their Nation. These
Olympians Become Beacons Of Inspiration, And
Are Looked Up To As Role Models By The Young
Ones Around Us Who Probably Think "Why
Can't I Do That?" From Running, Swimming,
Lifting Weights, Skating, Etc... There Always
Is Going To Be An Athlete That Takes Your
Breath Away With Their Talent And Skill.
2012 Olympics Live In London

Max Effort Method
3 Rounds:
Max Rep Push Press #75 / #45
*Rest 45 Sec Between Sets
Rest 3 Minutes
3 Rounds:
Max Rep Front Squat #95 / #65

10 Rounds:
1x Muscle Up Or (3x C2B 3x Dip)
1x Deadlift #315 / #205
1x Back Squat #185 / #125
1x Squat Clean & Jerk #155 / #115

-I Am Legend

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