Saturday, February 4, 2012


One Of The Greatest Challenges To Human Nature Is
The Issue Of Forgiveness. Those Who Cannot Forgive
Themselves Are Filled With Guilt And Despair, And Those
Who Won't Forgive Others Are Filled With Anger And
Bitterness. The Most Miserable People Are The People
Who Never Let Go Of Their Bitterness. Have You Ever Met
An Old Bitter Man/Woman? They Can't Enjoy Life And
Those Who Love Them Can't Enjoy Them. Bitterness Builds
A Barrier That Keeps You Caged In And The Rest Of The
World Closed Out. The Bitter Person Will Cling To A Hurt
From The Past And Will Never Let Go Of It Even Though
They Know It Is Destroying Them. To Various Degrees,
We All Struggle With Bitterness. When We Cling To Anger,
We Punish Those That Hurt Us, Yet We Destroy Ourselves.
Forgiving Someone Or Something Could Be The Turning
Point Of Your Life. Forgiveness Is Key!

Sumo Deadlifts

12 Minute Amrap
1x Back Squat #155 / #105
1x Snatch Jerk
1x Power Clean
10x Double Unders

-I Am Legend

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