Sunday, November 27, 2011


A Recent Study By Harvard Instructor

Dr. Sara W Lazar, Has Shown That Mediation

Can Help To Increase Brain Function, Reduce

The Effects Of Aging On The Brain, And Improve

Concentration And Memory. Meditation Creates

A Unique State, In Which The Metabolism Is In

An Even Deeper State Of Rest Than During

Sleep. During Sleep, Oxygen Consumption

Drops By 8 Percent, But During Meditaiton It

Drops By 10 To 20 Percent. The Calming Hormones

Melatonin And Seratonin Are Increased By

Meditation And The Stress Hormone Cortisol

Is Decreased. Not Only Do Studies Show That

Meditation Is Boosting Their Immune System,

But Brain Scans Suggest That It May Be Rewiring

Their Brains To Reduce Stress...... Find Yourself!!


Split Jerk *From Rack

Find 1RM

Then Drop To 85% For Sets Of:



5 Rounds:

10x Hang Power Cleans #115 / #75

10x Pull Ups *C2B

10x Floor Wipers

-I Am Legend

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