Sunday, November 27, 2011


How Can That Happen? How Can A Person

Not Have Anyone? Why Don't They Get A Job?

How Is It Possible? There Are Tons Of Jobs

Available..... Right? There Is Always A Reason

To Become Homeless: bankruptcy, divorce,

depression, job loss, alcoholism, etc...

Mark Was A Successful Engineer. He Worked For

The Same Firm For 27 Years. At The Age Of 46

He Was Made Redundant And This Led To A

Breakdown. He Tried Finding Temporary Work

But Without Success. He Had A Home But

When His Mental Condition Worsened He

Wasn't Able To Continue Paying For It.

He Slept On The Streets For Almost 5 Years, In

Contact With Outreach Workers On The

Streets But Resisting The Move Into A Hostel.

"I've Never Been To A Hostel, Avoided Them Like

The Plague. You Hear Horror Stories, But I Was

In Touch With Services And Volunteered Myself

For One Homeless Organization. If You're

Sensible On The Streets You Can Get By.

I've Never Begged. You Can Find Food If You

Know Where To Look, So Much Is Thrown Away."

Mark, Now 52, Is Currently On Jobseekers

Allowance & Still Volunteering With Other

Homeless People. He Has Become Certified

In Numerous Courses For Working With
Different Organizations.
"Sleeping On The

Streets Seems Like Such A Long Time
Ago. I Wouldn't Want To Go Back."



800m Run

21x HSPU

21x KB Swings #70 / #53

21x Lunges

1 Mile Run

15x HSPU

15x KB Swings

15x Lunges

800m Run


9x KB Swings

9x Lunges

-I Am Legend

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