Monday, August 6, 2012


Are You Having Trouble Coping With Any Of Life's
Difficult, Stressful, And Negative Experiences?
You Can Effectively Counteract Negation Emotions
By Noticing Something You Are Grateful For.
Tons Of Studies Have Shown That A Conscious
Focus On Your Blessings Can Have An Immediate
Emotional Benefit And Can Help Reduce Your Feelings
Of Stress And Increase Your Level Of Happiness.
Why Does Focusing On Gratitude Make Us Happier?
It Reminds Us Of The Positive Things In Our Lives.
When We Recognize The Positive Things, We Are
Reminded Of What Is Truly Important And We Can
Look At Our Problems With A Different Perspective.
What Are You Grateful For? If Nothing Comes To Mind,
It Is Time To Refocus Your Attention. Even The Most
Beautiful Sight Can Be Taken For Granted When You
See It Everyday, Just As The Blessings Of Good Health,
Close Relationships, And Comfortable Shelter
Commonly Go Unnoticed And Un-Appreciated.
As A Part Of Your Gratitude Practice, Be Sure To
Friend Yourself And Express Gratitude To Yourself
For Your Efforts, Traits, Talents, And Accomplishments.
Strengthen The Bonds With Those In Your Life By
Moving Beyond Your Inward Feelings Of Gratitude
And By Verbally Expressing Gratitude To Them.
Hang Power Clean
12 Minute AMRAP
8x KB Power Snatch (Each Arm)
8x One Arm KB Thrusters (Each Arm)
200m Sprint
-I Am Legend

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