Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The Best Habit Is The One That Helps You Complete
The Task In Hand. Concentration On The Given
Subject, At The Given Time, Is The Most Important
Habit You Must Cultivate Right Now. In The Past
Few Years, A Lot Of Researchers Have Helped Us
Understand The Simplicity Of The Methods Anyone
Can Use To Concentrate & Change Habits.
Sabine Kastner Of Princeton University's Center
For The Study Of Brain, Mind And Behavior, The
Most Normal Condition Of The Brain Is To Stay
Disorganized. The Four Most Important Activities
Anyone Can Perform To Help Improve Their
Concentration Is:
1. Get Enough Sleep
2. Work Out Every Day
3. Develop A Trigger Activity
4. Meditate
When We Meditate, We Focus. The Thoughts
That Come Up To You During Meditation Are Released
And Help You Get A Sense Of Detachment From Them.
Meditation Can Help You Extract Yourself From Those
Thoughts And Clear The Brain For Some Real Action.
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-I Am Legend

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