Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Great Coaches Realize That Competition Is Not The
Time To Find Out Where Your Athletes' Physical &
Mental Limits Are. Training Needs To Be More
Challenging & More Demanding - Physically, Mentally,
Technically, Tatically, Emotionally, Than The
Competition Your Athletes' Are Preparing For. Great
Coaches Realize That Success Is A Moving Target
And To Stay Relevant They Must Be Committed To
Life-Long Learning, Honest Personal & Professional
Evaluation And Continuous Improvement. The Days Of
Winning By Having The "Fittest" Athletes Are Over.
Sports Are So Multi-Demensional That Winning Comes
From Being The Best In Every Aspect: Training,
Preparation, Skills, Attitude, Recovery, Gym-Training,
Sleep, Nutrition, Etc. Great Coaches Know This
And Strive To Create Winning Environments Where
A Culture Of Excellence Underpins Everything &
Everybody. Athletes Are Only Athletes For An Hour
Or Two At Most Each Day. For The Other 22-23 Hours
Each Day They Are Human Beings. Many Coaches
Concentrate On Preparing The Athlete To Perform:
The Great Coaches Prepare The Human Being To
Be All They Can Be, Then, As A Result, The Athlete
Will Perform. The Best Coaches Plan: They Plan
Meticulously And With Great Attention To Detail
But, Ultimately They Also Understand That The
Core Goal Of Every Training Session Is To Ensure
It Provides The Optimal Environment And
Opportunity For There Athletes To Prepare.
Behind The Neck Push Press
2000m Row
50x T2B
1000m Row
50x K2E
-I Am Legend

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