Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Do You Hold Yourself Responsible For Your Actions?
When You Start Taking Responsibility For Your
Own Actions You Start To See A Change In How You
Process Information. You Find Out What Works
Best For You And What Does Not Work At All. You
Have The Power To Succeed When You Start Focusing
On What You Can Do To Make Your Life Work For
You. It Is Your Responsibility To Take The Reigns
And Make It Work Out. In Order To Be Responsible
You Have To Keep A Positive Attitude In All That You
Do. Even In Those Situations Where You Feel Nothing
Has Come From It. Always Find The Good In What
You Do No Matter What. So What, It Didn't Work The
First Or Tenth Time Around. It's Okay. You Just
Found Ten Ways Not To Do Something. Continue On
The Path Of What Will Work And Be Positive About.
You Know What Is Best For You, And Nobody Else
Will. Don't Dwell On The Negatives That You Have
Encountered As You Will Only Be Wasting Time
Trying To Figure Out Why This Happened. You
Don't Have Time For That. You Have To Keep
Moving Forward. The Less Time You Spend Trying
To Play The Blame Game And Wondering What
Should Of, Could Of, Or Would Of Happened
The Next Big Thing Will Have Already Passed You
By. Don't Let That Happen. Always Keep A Positive
Mindset Ahead Of You At All Times. Do Not Chase
The Past, When All We Have Is Our Future To
Look Forward To.
Establish A 1RM Floor Press
18 Minute AMRAP:
5x Power Clean
10x T2B

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