Tuesday, December 3, 2013


You Are Unique; There Is No One Else Anywhere That
Is Exactly Like You. You Are A Treasured, Priceless Jewel.
There Is No One Else That Can Or Will Walk The Way You
Walk, Speak The Way You Speak, Love The Way You Love.
Only You Can Share The Message You Came Here To
Share Exactly The Way You Came Here To Share It.
Your Thoughts Are Unique. Your Emotions Are Unique.
Your Message Are Unique. You Are Unique. Your
Energy, Your Inner Vibration Is What Sets You Apart
From Every Other Human. It Is That Simple And That
Complex All In The Same Moment. Once You Accept
Who You Are And The Message You Have To Share,
You Will Experience A Sense Of Freedom And
Confidence To Shine Brightly. Empowerment Is
Believing, Behaving, Speaking, And Living From A
Sense Of Confidence, Freedom, Determination, And
Commitment, That No Matter What, You Will Do
What's Necessary Or Required Of You To Share
Your Unique Message In A Way That Is Authentic,
Humble, And Filled With Compassion, Integrity, And
Truth. Each Stepping Stone That Is Below Your Feet
And Now In Front Of You, Raises Your Inner
Vibration, Creating A Strong, Solid Foundation For
Your Life Both Personally & Professionally.
Establish 2rm Close Grip Bench
600m Run
15x KB Swings
15x H.R. Push Ups
300m Run
30x KB Swings
30x H.R. Push Ups
150m Run
45x KB Swings
45x H.R. Push Ups
100x Abmat Sit Ups

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