Monday, December 2, 2013


The Law of Attraction Teaches Us That Like Attracts
Like, And We Will Never Experience A Happy Ending
At The End Of An Unhappy Journey. By Holding Onto
Anger & Resentment, We Are Pre-Paving Our Journey
To Be Filled With Anger. The Way We Feel And The
Emotions We Hold Are What Create Our Future
Experiences. Whenever We Feel Negative Emotions,
Or Feelings Instead Of Holding Onto Them, We Can
Acknowledge Them And Then Turn Our Attention
Towards What We Do Want. Only Out Of Experiencing
Contrast (Between Having Good & Bad Experiences),
Can We Truly Know What We Really Want. When We
Ultimately Move To A Place Of "Positive Feelings",
We Attract More & More Positive Things, And This
Propels Us Into A Space Where We Can Attract The
Life Of Our Dreams. Family Members, Spouses,
Friends, Bosses, Girlfriends, Boyfriends - Everyone
Is Brought Into Our Lives To Teach Us More
About Ourselves. Thanking Them For Being
A Part Of Our Journey, And Teaching Us
Lessons We No Longer Need To Learn Is An
Incredible Step In Expanding Our Consciousness.
Adjusting Your Perspective To A Place Of Gratitude
Allows You To No Longer Play The Victim Card.
You Were Not A Victim Of Anything Other Than
Your Own Vibration And Level Of Attraction.
Have Compassion For Where Other People Are
In Their Lives. It May Not Be Where You Are
But They Are Doing The Best They Can At
Their Particular Level Of Awareness And
Understanding. Our Life And What We Attract
Into It Are A Mere Reflection Of What Is
Inside Us. Our Thoughts & Actions Create Our
Exterior World. So Ultimately, We Should Be
Forgiving Ourselves. We Brought This Person Into
Our Lives In The First Place. Inner Forgiveness
Will Not Only Ease The Relationship With The
Other Person, But Also Within Ourselves. We Are
All Human, And Have Done "Unthinkable" Things.
And, Yet Deep Down We All Yearn For The Same
Forgiveness. Once You Truly Learn The Lesson
Behind Why This Person Came Into Your Life, You
Will Then No Longer Attract Situations That Attempt
To Teach You The Same Lesson. We Should Never
Expect Anything From Anyone. When We Do This
We Give Up Our Own Power. Not Everyone Is 
Meant To Be In Our Lives Forever. Sometimes They
Are Only There Long Enough To Teach Us The
Lessons We Need To Learn. Letting Go Creates
Space To Let Others In. #Forgiveness
Sumo Deadlift
3x20 (Warm Up 10-10)
Every Minute On Minute
3x Power Cleans
5x Burpee

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