Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Feasting, Football Games, And Of Course, Black Friday
Sales Often Bury The True Meaning Of Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving Causes You To Regain An Enthusiasm
For Life. If You're Anything Like Me It's Easy To
Get Grumpy, And Complain About The Way Things
Are, Or How Some People Treat You. Here's The
Problem: When You Constantly You Live With Less
Than Others, And That Nothing Ever Works Right For
You, You Blind Your Eyes To All The Blessings You
Really Do Have. Here Is A Suggestion That Will Bring
You Out Of Your Gloom And Return Some Enthusiasm
In Your Life: Give Thanks For The Small Things.
Be Thankful You Have A Pillow To Sleep On. I
Wonder How Many People In The World Go To Bed
Every Night And Don't Have A Pillow To Sleep On,
But You Do! Find Someone To Thank This
Thanksgiving, And Most Important, Take Time To
Thank God For All The Blessings He Has
Graciously Bestowed Up On You.
Happy Thanksgiving 2013
"Filthy Fifty"
50x Box Jump
50x Jumping Pull Ups
50x KB Swings
50x Walking Lunges
50x K2E
50x Push Press
50x Supermans
50x Wall Balls
50x Burpee

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