Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Every Once In A While You Meet Someone Who Is
Harboring An Incredible Amount Of Bitter Energy. Their
Face Usually Wrinkles Pre Maturely, And Kind Words
Are Few & Far Between. The Bruises That Bitterness
Leaves Behind Can Become So Nasty That It May Seem
Next To Impossible To Heal Them. You See, Bitterness
Sucks The Life Right Out Of You - Not The Person You
Are Actually Bitter With. People Become Bitter For Many
Reasons - Usually Because They Feel Someone Has Wronged
Them. What Can A Bruised Ego Or Ill Feelings Do To You?
It Can Discourage You From Appropriate Behavior, It Can
Lead To Unnecessary Conflicts, And It Can Deplete You
Of Energy & Emotion. Worse Case Scenario, It Can Rob
You Of Relationships And Moving Forward In Your Life.
There Is A Vicious Cycle When It Comes To This Topic.
If Asked The Question: "Have You Ever Been Bitter?"
I Would Be Guilty Of Raising My Hands, Answering Yes.
Bitterness, Resentment, And Anger Do Not Equal A Good
Time, Let Alone A Good Life. Forgiveness Is What We Need.
Not To Say What Happened Was Acceptable, But That
You Forgive The Other Person, Allowing Yourself To
Release The Hold That Your Painful Feelings Have
On You. Bruises Eventually Heal, But It Takes Action
And Time To Heal From Bitterness Which Has Settled
In Your Heart. Just As We Are Thankful When Times
Seem Next To Perfect, We Also Need To Be Thankful
When Times Seem Cruel & Bitter.
Establish 3rm Bench Press
12 Minute AMRAP
10x Single Arm DB Snatch *Each Arm
20x Ball Slams
250m Row

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