Tuesday, November 19, 2013


We Are About To Celebrate A Holiday That's All About Giving
 Thanks For What We Have (Including Turkey & Football).
But If We Think About Gratitude Only Once A Year, We
Overlook The Immense Power Of Practicing It Daily. If You
Aren't Already A Believer In The Thank You Community, Just
Think About What It Can Mean In Your Day To Day Lives
If You Embrace The Power Of Gratitude. Knowing That
Gratitude Comes With So Many Benefits, Why Do We
Struggle To Express It? I Think We Often Assume We Do
More Than We Do, Or We Tell Ourselves That It's Not
Worth The Effort. I Will Tell You From Personal
Experiences That It Is ALWAYS Worth The Effort To
Express Gratitude To Those In Whom You Are
Thankful For. We Cannot Predict What Tomorrow
Brings, But We Can Show Our Gratitude For What
We Have Today. Take A Few Minutes After Reading
This Whether It Be A Phone Call, Text Message, Email,
Or Maybe Within Yourself, And Show Gratitude To
What Or Who Is In Your Life Today That You Are
Thankful For.
Hang Power Snatch
Establish A 1rm
12 Minute Running Clock:
Every Minute On The Minute
10x KB Swings
10x Box Jumps

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