Monday, November 18, 2013


Change Is Perpetual. We Often Have To Make Big Changes In Order
To Cope With Unwanted Circumstances That Continually Present
Themselves. This Is An Ongoing Lifelong Condition. There Is No
Way Out Or Around It. When Major Losses (Even Minor Ones)
Occur The Key To Dealing With Them Is Eventually To Accept
What Cannot Be Reversed And Begin The Task Of Adapting.
Not To Say What Was Can't Be What Is Again, But We 
Constantly Have To Adapt In Our Daily Lives. 
Since Grief Comes To Us In So Many Ways Throughout Life,
Loss Of A Home, Friend, Job, Cherished Possession, A Loved One,
And On And On, Let's Not Waste The Opportunity To Look For
Something In Loss To Help Us Grow. We Can't Sidestep Grief, 
But We Can Learn From It. All It Takes Is 100% 
Determination To Examine Ways To Adapt And Cope With
Unwanted Circumstances As Well As Normalize What 
Appears At First To Hold Little Meaning. This Takes 
Commitment But Is Well Worth The Effort As We Face The
Changes Yet To Come. 

Back Squat 
9x3 (10-8-5-3)

15 Minute AMRAP
15x KB Squat Cleans
100m Run
5x Hand Release Burpee


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