Monday, July 15, 2013


Oftentimes The Road You Are Taking Feels All Uphill.
In Fact, It Feels Like A Battle You Cannot Win. You Are
Exhausted, Confused, And Want To Be Left Alone.
Is It Time To Rest? Is It Time To Reflect? Is It Time To
Analyze? Is It Time To Talk It Out? Or Is It Time To Quit?
In A Perfect World You Would Have All The Answers, But
Then, Where Is The Challenge? The Good News Is That All
Of These Feelings Are Perfectly Normal Because After All,
You Are Human. If You Felt Completely Satisfied All The Time,
There Would Be No Contrast To Your Life, Therefore, There
Will Be No Appreciation; And Without Appreciation, You
Would Be Existing, Not Living; And You Are Here To Live
A Life Well-Lived. Learn To Trust Your Instincts And
By All Means, Follow Your Intuition. It Is Your Best
Friend Because It Knows You Like No Other. No Matter
What Happened To You Up To This Point In Your Life It
Does Not Have To Dictate What Your Future Holds. Be The
Best You. Live The Best Life. Be Better Than Yesterday.
Every 30 Seconds 2x Deadlift @ 55% Of 1RM
10 Minute Running Clock
4 Rounds:
10x Front Squats
400m Run

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