Tuesday, December 10, 2013


You Want To Be Successful. We All Want To Be
Successful, But Before You Can Achieve Success, You
Need To Have A Clear Idea Of What Success Is.
What Does It Look Like To You? If You Ask Some
People What Success Is They Will Give You Really
Vague Answers Like: "Well I Just Want To Be Happy."
Ok, Your Dog Wants To Be Happy Too. As Long
As You Scratch His Belly, Give Him Food To Eat,
Some Where Warm To Sleep, And Maybe A Yard
To Play In, Then He's Happy. Is That What Success
Looks Like To You? Or, Do You Want A Little More
Than A Belly Rub, Food, And Warm Bed To Sleep In?
Don't Get Me Wrong, Those Things Are All Important,
But Maybe, Just Maybe Success Is Having A Bit More
Than That. Everyone Will Have A Different Answer
Once They Are Pressed For More Details.
Some People Dream Of A Cabin In The Woods, For
Other's It's Performing On The Stage Of A Sold
Out Stadium, Other's Say They Want To Make
A Difference In People's Lives, And Other's
Might Say They Want Enough Money To Do
What They Want When They Want To Do It.
Knowing What You Want Is A Good Start To
A Perfect Life. For Me, Personally, I Want To
Be Fit, Healthy & Strong. I Want A Wife And
Family That Loves And Respects Me
(And Of Course I Love & Respect Them In Return).
I Want To Help People (As Many People As I Can)
To Achieve Their Dreams (Not Just Financial,
But In All Aspects Of Life). I Want To Have
Enough Money That I Can Do What I Want
(Travel, Nice House, Etc). If You Don't Have A
Clear Idea Of What You Want, Then It's Unlikely
You'll Get What You Want. Now This Is Only
A Quick Overview On How To Change Your
Life. The First Step Though Is To Have A Good
Idea Of What You Want In Your Life, And
What Success Looks Like To You. Success Is
Not Just For The Super Talented, Really Good
Looking, Or Extremely Lucky Among Us. It
Can Be Achieved By Anyone, If They Are
Willing To Try. Don't Be Afraid #BELIEVE
Push Press
Establish 2RM
12 Minute Clock
Mile Run
With Remainder Of Time Max H.R. Push Ups

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  1. Major eye opener. I will be sitting down and writing what success means to me. Love how GOD brings things to your life just when you need it, and I definitely needed to read this. Awesome!