Monday, December 16, 2013


Anger Is A Normal Emotional Response That We Use
To Protect Ourselves Against Perceived Threats. Most
People Feel Angry For One Reason Or Another On A
Regular Basis, And Often That Anger Is Justified.
If You Get Treated Poorly, You Have Every Right To
Be Mad. When You Are Able To Experience Anger
And Then Move On, You Have Nothing To Worry
About. When Your Anger Tends To Take Over Your
Emotions And Controls Your Actions, You Probably
Have A Problem. Think About Your Lifestyle. If You
Build Your Life And Your Existence Around Your
Anger And The Things That Make You Mad, You
Are Setting Yourself Up For Failure. You'll Have
A Much Better Chance At Controlling Your Anger
If You Create A Life That Is Contrary To The
Negative Emotions Of Displaced Anger. Make
Your Surroundings And Your Attitude So Serene
And Peaceful That It Would Be Impossible For
Anger To Fit In. When You Are Able To Achieve
Peace & Relaxation Outside Of Yourself, Such
As In Your Home Or Your Work, You Will Be
Able To Create An Inner Peace As Well. Teach
Yourself What It Means To Capture A Surging
Emotion Then Re-Direct It Somewhere Else. You
Will Find This To Be A Very Powerful Tool In
How To Control Anger. Instead Of Acting On
How You Feel, You Will Be Able To Deal With It
Internally. You're Going To Have Temporary
Setbacks, But If You Can Recognize Them As
Setbacks And Evaluate What Went Wrong And
What You Can Do Better Next Time, Those
Disappointments Can Still Be Learning Experiences.
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