Thursday, December 12, 2013


One Of The Biggest Qualities Of A Great Leader Is Being
Able To Establish A Generation Of Change. Strong Leaders
Do Not Have To Put People Down, Because Their Focus Is
On Lifting People Up To Continue In Patterns Of Greatness.
Do Not Give Each Other Words Of Destruction, Or
Words That Will Only Cause Us To Tear Each Other Down.
We Have To Give Out Words That Will Build People
Up, Words Of Encouragement, And Words Of Hope.
Our Words To Each Other Should Be Like Building
Blocks, Or Like Christmas Gifts That We Hastily Desire
To Unwrap. Of Course There Will Always Be Those
Who Refuse To Be Uplifting, And Who Choose
To Argue And Fight, Instead Of Helping Each
Other Build, But We Have To Learn To Disassociate
Ourselves From These Weak Minded People. Be Strong,
Help Lift Each Other Up By Choosing Your Words
Carefully, And Carefully Choosing Words That Encourage.
Power Snatch 10x2
Double Under / Abmat Sit Ups

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