Sunday, September 28, 2014


10 Years Ago I Thought Success Was Having A Lot Of Money,
Cars, Houses, Etc. I Grew Up Thinking People Who Had Lots
Of Money Were Successful And Happy. My Obsession Then, To
Make A Lot Of Money So That I Can Lead A Successful And 
Happy Life. I Have Come To Understand That Success Is Not In
The Amount Of Wealth Or Property You Have Amassed. So Many
People Today Are In This Error Of What Success Is. Having Lots
Of Money, Houses, Cars, Etc Is A Good Thing But It Is Just An 
Aspect Of Success. On The Other Side, You May Not Even Have
A Dime In Your Bank Account And Yet You Are Successful. 
So Many People Go Through Life Without Really Having A 
Blueprint Of What They Want, What They Want To Achieve. 
You Need To Ask Yourself What It Is You Want To Achieve.
What It Is That Will Make You Feel Most Joyous, Most Alive?
Stop Worrying About What Other's Expect Of You, Or
What People Will Think When You Create Your Own 
Definition Of Success. The Biggest Mistake You Can 
Make Is To Make Someone Else's Success Your Target.
Success Is A Personal Thing And Only You Can Define Your
Meaning Of Success. It Doesn't Matter Who You Are, What 
You Have Or Don't Have, What You've Been Through, 
What You Are Going Through, Where You Come From......
You Can Pick Up From This Very Point And Succeed. 


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