Thursday, May 24, 2012


Ever Have One Of Those Tough As Hell Weeks Where It
Feels Like The World Is Unloading Both Barrels At You -
Where Things Fly At You At Such An Unrelenting Speed
That You Feel Like Life Is Pushing Your Limits Simply
To See Where Your Breaking Point Is? Where The
Pressure Is On, The Sleep Is Never Restful, And You
Find Yourself Boiling Up With Frustration About Your
Job, Relationship, Your Endurance, Your Strength,
Your Attitude, And It Seems Like At Any Moment Life
Is About To Break You? I'll Never Forget In My Very
First CrossFit Competition In 2010. It Was My First
Time To Compete & I Chose The Rx' Division. 1st WOD
Of The Day Involved Squat Cleans At A Semi Heavy
Weight. I Made It To My Last Round Of 5x Squat Cleans
And I Hit The First 2 Pretty Rough. For The Next 5
Minutes What Was Only 11 Atempts (Felt Like 100)
I Was Never Able To Stand Back Up With The #185.
Time Ran Out And For My First Competition, The
First WOD I Had To Write DNF (Did Not Finish)
By My Name. Defeat Sounded Nice Compared To
How I Was Feeling. You See, I Think We Feel Like
Crap Because We Imagine That Life Does Things
To Us, That Bad Situations Make Us Feel Bad. You
Learn From Experience That It Doesn't Have To Be
That Way - I'm Sure You've Been In Plenty Of
Situations That Sucked Where You Have Been
The Voice Of Reason - The One Who Was Able To
Stay In A Constructive Mood When Everyone Else
Wasn't. You Have The Power To Change Things -
To Stop Feeding The Draining Feelings And To
Start Feeding The Feelings That Will Help You
Get Out Of That Rut So You Can Be The Person
You Know You're Capable Of Being!!!
Back Squat *Low Bar
500m Row
KB Swing #70 / #53
Wall Ball #20 / #16
500m Row

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