Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Did You Know That In The United States More People Go
Home For Thanksgiving Than For Christmas? And Yet,
No Presents Are Exchanged. It Is Simply A Time To Return
Home And Share A Meal, Conversation, Time With Close
Family. Family And Friends Are Often Such An Accepted
Part Of Our Lives That We Forget To Give Thanks For
Them, Their Support, Annoying Habbits And Sometimes
Unsolicited Interference & Advice. Finding Ways To
Value & Appreciate These Relationships And Learn
To Interact Appropriately With Others Are Important
Elements In Becoming A Functioning Human Being
While Living A Satisfyingn And Successful Life In The
Big Wide World Away From Home & Familiar
Surroundings. Many Of Us Compare Ourselves To
Others. We May See Other People Luxurious Homes,
Wonderful Clothes, Regular Holidays To Exotic
Locations, And Much More. But Those People May
Well Wish They Spent Less Time At Work & More
Time Together As A Family. Being Appreciative Of
What We Have Grounds Us And Reminds Us What
The Important Things Really Are.
Happy Thanksgiving 2013 #Blessings
20 Min To Establish 1RM Push Press
10-8-5-3-1..... Til Failure
15 Minutes AMRAP
15x SDHP 95/65
10x Plated Burpees 45/25
-I Am Legend

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