Wednesday, November 14, 2012


We All Know There Are Only 24 Hours In A Day
And 7 Days In A Week. I Feel Like Myself & Everyone Involved
With The 2012 Texas Crossfit Shootout Spent About 25 Hours
A Day And 8 Days A Week To Make Sure This Event
Was Ran As Close To Perfect As You Can Get. I Knew
That This Event Would Not Only Give Me A Chance To
Bring People Together, But Allow People To Experience A Brief
Moment Of What My Life Consist Of On A Day-2-Day Basis.
I'm Thankful For Everyone Who Made This Event Possible
And I Greatly Appreciate All The Support From The CrossFit
#Shootout2013 #UGL

Box Squats *2 Second Pause
10-8-5-3 Then 5x1

4 Rounds:
10x Hang Power Snatch #95/#65
15x Box Jumps 24/20
200m Run

-I Am Legend 

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